Public and private Adresses on a 3745 Router

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by C. Kolbe, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. C. Kolbe

    C. Kolbe Guest

    Hello guys
    I need some help for planing our new infrastructure.

    We have a network of 2 Public IP Areas with 128 IP Adresses in every area
    from - 128 / 28 ( not the real adresses )
    and - 128 /28

    and then we have 8 Networks with private Adresses like - 50 /24
    and - 20 / 24

    We will get a new 3745 Router with a E3 Connection to the Internet ....
    now comes the question .

    Can we handle all networks on thist router ??

    The router has all software features a E3/T3 Card and a 16 Port Switching

    My plan is that :

    The two public networks will be terminatet at the build in 100 Mbit / FE
    Ports of this router

    The private networks will be terminatet on the 16port switching modul ....

    But But But ... can I configure the switching modul with VLANS that I
    activate NAT on every port different .
    I wantet to take 8 from my public addresses and then make NAT with
    the 0 Address from the private network on 8 different ports of the
    switching modul ... is this possible ??

    Important !! Performance is not intersting .... only the public networkes
    full speed on internet connections ... on the private networks there are
    ports 80/53/443 open only surfing allowed no download or other .

    THX for your help ... I hope I will get a litlle bit ..

    C. Kolbe, Sep 15, 2004
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