PSE 3 Crop Tool; It's too quick.

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by skim500, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. skim500

    skim500 Guest


    I just upgraded from PSE 2 to PSE 3. When I drag or open a photo and
    want to set a crop, often the crop tool cursor is very quick as I get
    near the border. It shoots off into the grey space and I need to
    re-orient my photo every time. It is very annoying; what I am doing
    wrong or is there a way to lock the window so the photo doesn't move?

    Thank you,

    skim500, Apr 19, 2005
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  2. skim500

    paul Guest

    I don't understand. Is it possible you have turned off the option to
    snap to grid lines and the edges of the image?
    paul, Apr 19, 2005
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  3. skim500

    skim500 Guest

    Thanks for your reply. I just verified the "Snap to Grid" selection is
    active (under View menu). I did not see a separate selection for "Edge
    of Image". Is there one?
    skim500, Apr 19, 2005
  4. skim500

    Ron Hunter Guest

    It is a known problem. We hope that Adobe will do a 3.1 upgrade, but I
    wouldn't hold my breath.
    Ron Hunter, Apr 19, 2005
  5. skim500

    Ron Hunter Guest

    I doubt it. I have the same problem at times, especially when working
    on panoramas.
    Ron Hunter, Apr 19, 2005
  6. skim500

    Tony Guest

    I use photoshop so this might not work with elements. Look in the menus for
    "Snap to Grid" or "Snap to Edge" and turn it off or hit the ---- now memory
    is failing me - - either the shift or control key while moving the crop
    line. My finger knows but I no longer do!

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    Tony, Apr 19, 2005
  7. skim500

    Colin D Guest

    Yes, it's a known problem with PSE, but here's what I do. At top right
    is a field which says "Type a question for help". Immediately to the
    right of this field is the tile icon - four very small boxes in quad
    formation - followed by the three standard Windows screen controls -
    minimize, normalize/maximize, and the close X.

    PSE3 normally opens an image in full screen mode, so the normalize icon
    shows the two small overlapping boxes, i.e. the image is maximized.
    Click on the icon to normalize the images, whereupon the image will
    acquire a frame around it , with or without rulers depending on whether
    rulers are enabled. Now click the 'Fit on Screen' button to get as big
    a picture as will fill the screen. The frame will be tight against the
    image boundaries. If this is a problem, drag the lower right corner of
    the frame down and right a little to get some gray background around the
    image. The image is now confined to to this area, and will not skate
    off the screen.

    Colin D, Apr 20, 2005
  8. skim500

    paul Guest

    Heh, wierd problem. I use PS but this probably works in PSE. It's just a
    different way of cropping and may or may not help with your issue.

    control-a to select all
    control-c to copy all
    image > size [do 50% or whatever early experiments suggest]
    control-v to paste the full image

    now hold the control key down to move the pasted image across the
    smaller image size to get the right framing. Re-size & paste again if it
    needs to be bigger or smaller.
    paul, Apr 20, 2005
  9. skim500

    paul Guest

    Apparently lots of people got that. Ignore it.
    paul, Apr 20, 2005
  10. skim500

    skim500 Guest

    Thanks for the updates, on and offline.

    This is a good group.

    skim500, Apr 20, 2005
  11. skim500

    larrylook Guest

    Agree it should be fixed. Should be a way to lock the photo in place but
    there isn't. Only advice is choose view, zoom out, then crop, the choose
    view, fit to screen, to get it back to size. We shouldn't have to crop a
    smaller image though.
    larrylook, Apr 24, 2005
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