Provider MPLS IP-Enabled Frame Relay Cloud Routing Conundrum

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Scott, Dec 23, 2004.

  1. Scott

    Scott Guest

    We are having routing problems with a network merge project.

    The parent company in Europe is in address space. The North
    American subsidiaries are in subnetted address space.

    There are two WAN "hub" sites within the North American
    subsidiaries--each one of which with affiliated locations. Let's call
    them subnetwork A and subnetwork B. Each of the two North American hub
    sites have Internet VPN connections to the parent company in Europe.

    Subnetwork A is a provider MPLS IP-enabled frame relay (Layer 2 access
    within the cloud) with approximately 14 other peer locations. The route to Europe is statically re-distributed.

    Subnetwork B has a traditional hub-and-spoke frame relay network and an
    IGX switched private network. Additionally, the hub site recently
    joined the provider MPLS IP-enabled frame relay network joining other
    locations in Network A as a peer while simultaneously maintaining
    connectivity with its other sites on frame relay and private network.
    By not also re-distributing the static route to Europe, connectivity to
    France from all locations within subnetwork B were able to reach France
    without a problem. Subnetwork B is planning to transiton all existing
    frame relay and private network locations over to the MPLS IP-enabled
    frame relay network.

    The problem arose when Subnetwork B added another MPLS IP-enabled peer
    in the providers Canada cloud (having a different ASN # than the MPLS
    cloud in the US). That remote site location is now unable to reach the Europe network. The trace takes it to hub site in subnetwork A
    and the packets are dropped there because they are not reaching the VPN
    gateway in the hub site in subnetwork B.

    Additionally, I believe this problem will continue to occur as
    subnetwork B adds additional MPLS IP-enabled FR locations--regardless
    of whether they are added in Canada or the US.

    We need to figure out how we can finagle BGP within the AT&T BGP clouds
    into getting the packets destined to Europe from remote sites of
    Subnetwork B to route to the Internet VPN gateway address in the hub
    site of subnetwork B rather than the hub site of subnetwork A without
    disturbing remote sites within subnetwork A from being able to reach
    Europe. How can we route Europe traffic selectively within the
    framework of the MPLS IP-enabled frame relay cloud so that remote
    locations associated with subnetwork A get routed to the subnetwork A
    hub site VPN gateway to Europe and remote locations associated with
    subnetwork B get routed to the subnetwork B hub site VPN gateway to

    Any ideas?
    Scott, Dec 23, 2004
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