Protection over internet for Dummy

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by GG, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. GG

    GG Guest

    Hello Bonjour !

    I just connected my computer to high speed internet for the first time
    and I am experiencing weird stuff... (screen turn blue withou count
    down + error message + computer reboot constantly...)

    I have to admit I have no protection and no clue about what I should
    do, if anyone can help me...

    I am running windows 2000 server, wha twould you recommand me to do

    Thanks and a very happy new year to everyone!

    GG, Jan 1, 2007
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  2. GG

    Mr. Arnold Guest

    If you have connected that machine to the Internet with no kind of
    protection, like it being behind a NAT router or some kind of FW
    software, then the machine has already been attacked and compromised.
    You shouldn't run a personal FW on the Win 2K server.

    You should put the machine behind the protection of a cheap NAT router.

    You can run software on the Win 2k server that's FW like to supplement
    the NAT router, called IPsec, just use the AnalogX setup and learn how
    to use Ipsec.

    You might have to sign up to view this MS link on IPsec, but sign up is

    The core of Win 2k for a workstation and a server are the same in
    applying some kind of security, for the most part.

    If the machine has been compromised, can you trust it after that?

    You should try and practice safe-hex.
    Mr. Arnold, Jan 1, 2007
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  3. GG

    why? Guest

    Is that still going around, there was a shutdown hack years ago.
    Hardly worth reading any further then.
    Router with NAT
    Running server and not using basic precautions, router , FW, AV? Install
    all service packs , rollup packs and patches. You may have a hard time
    getting patches now.

    Most likely you will need HijackThis, Spybot Search and Destroy and

    Of course you can't download these, you will need clean copies from
    somewhere and on CD.
    If you have any data you need, it may not even be worth / possible to
    Start again, reinstall from CD, selecting to reformat the disk. Install
    service packs, AV and FW all before connecting to the internet.

    Don't be so silly next time.

    Stay away from Windows server products, especially old ones.
    why?, Jan 2, 2007
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