Prometric or VUE?

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Guest, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    How many have passed 70-292 or 70-296 using prometric?
    How many have failed?
    How many have passed either using VUE?
    How many have failed?
    How many have had their test freeze when testing at prometric?
    Guest, Feb 23, 2005
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  2. Guest

    Ben Guest

    Strange you should mention the test freezing at prometric, I get that
    everytime I take a test. I just assumed it the the old 486DX machines they
    run the exam on!


    MCSA 70-210, 70-214, 70-215, 70-216, 70-218
    "On my way to becoming fully certifiable!"
    "Thanks to God, I am Still an Atheist"
    Ben, Feb 24, 2005
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