Progressive scan dvd's on a non-progressive scan tv

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by jack lift, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. jack lift

    jack lift Guest

    Hello. I am posting here for the first time because I am really
    confused. I have tried to pull down and read some faqs about
    "progressive scan", but they only serve to confuse me. I just would
    like to know something. I hope some body can help me. here goes:

    I have a *crappy* Zenith DVD player. It is not progressive scan. It
    often messes up and freezes pictures on rented dvd's, or else shuts
    down the dvd player, or skips, etc. etc. There are some dvd's that
    won't even start in this $%&*! player. It is NOT a "progressive scan"
    player. The guy at the video store told me to get a "progressive
    scan" player and my problem would be solved. So, I looked in the
    papers and noticed I could get a cheap progressive scan DVD player for
    around $50. I almost bought one, except there was the instructional
    manual on it and I started reading it and it said that in order to
    utilize progressive scan, you must use "different" rca plugs and have
    a "progressive scan" tv. I have a Sony 32", about 4-5 years old, and
    I don't think it is a progressive scan.

    My dvd player is conected by S-VHS plug for color and rca pin plugs
    for video left and right.

    Can someone tell me, in plain language, what I need to take advantage
    of "progressive scan" dvd players, which, hopefully will allow me to
    see movies without any problems?

    thank you so much!

    jack lift, Dec 8, 2003
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  2. Yes, you would need a TV capable of progressive scan input via component
    input (those 3 RCA video jacks)...Sounds great if you want a new HDTV, but
    the problem you described has nothing to do with progressive scan.

    First, make sure the discs are good. If you're going to a store to rent
    them, check them in the store visually. They should be free of scratches
    (ideally completely free, but minor ones are ok). They should also be free
    of fingerprints, peanut butter, santorum, and whatever the hell else people
    are getting on their discs.

    If you can't do this at the store (Netflix), then you should check the disc
    before inserting into the player, and clean them or even buff them if
    necessary (only if necessary).

    If you're still having problems, get a new player, but get a *decent*
    player. It doesn't have to be expensive, but get feedback about what it can
    and can't read instead of just grabbing whatever is on the candy shelf of
    the supermarket checkout that day.

    Hope this helps,
    Mr Ed
    MR_ED_of_Course, Dec 8, 2003
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  3. jack lift

    roy Guest

    b***s**t..... the fact that your player doesn't play as it should, has
    nothing to do with progressive scan.
    My -both non progressive scan- Sony and Pioneer dvd players play all dvd's
    without any problem (unless a disc is very dirty or heavly scratched).
    If you damage a dvd enough (like some rentals) every player will stop
    A cheap player however will probably (!!!!) be more sensitive then a less
    cheaper player.
    You need a tv-set which is 'progressive scan' enabled. Your 4-5 year old
    SONY is not.
    If you want to have a problem free image just buy a good DVD player from a
    well known manufacturers like Pioneer, Sony, Denon, Yamaha...... and not
    some 'made-somewhere-in-Asia-but-god-knows-where' player.

    If you want to be prepared make sure it's progressive scan ...for whenever
    you want to buy a prog. scan tv/projector.
    roy, Dec 8, 2003
  4. I have a *crappy* Zenith DVD player. It is not progressive scan. It
    Progressive scan has no bearing on whether or not DVDs skip.

    Remove "moc" to reply.

    When toy shopping, look for the Joe Mantegna Seal Of Safety. It's your only
    guarantee that the toy has been deemed safe by Joe Mantegna.
    Sydney Assbasket, Dec 8, 2003

  5. There is no player that can read badly scratched rental
    discs. Like others already have stated in their posts,
    upgrading to a prog scan player will most likely not
    alleviate the problem. Your Zenith's error correction
    [i.e. capability to read scratched discs] might in fact
    be almost as good as with a top end player. And if you
    want better error correction, good picture quality and
    reliability, a $50 prog scan player might not be the
    answer you're looking for. To enjoy your DVDs with the
    minimum of hassle, get a decent player from a brand name
    - prog scan or not.

    For you to fully utilize a prog scan player, you also
    need a display unit that will accept and display
    progressive scan material. Even though your current TV
    probably can't, you can upgrade to a quality prog. scan
    player now and not use the progressive scan mode until
    you also upgrade your TV or get a projector.

    Progressive scan is such a large and complex subject I
    won't get into that now, but in short - with a
    progressive scan system [TV + player] the picture
    quality of your DVD movies would improve. A little or a
    lot depends on how readily you notice differences in
    picture quality.

    Hope this helps you!

    Sakari Hannula, Dec 8, 2003
  6. jack lift

    Biz Guest

    Theres part of your problem....

    Make sure the discs are reasonably clean and free from bad scratches first
    of all. If they are covered with fingerprints or some identifiable
    substance, use a soft cloth to clean them b4 playing. Wipe from the center
    out to the edge, DONT GO AROUND like you were cleaning an old record...

    Progressive scan players are useless without progressive capable tvs. WHich
    means either HDTV's or a few higher end tvs.

    Buy a better player... A $100-$150 Panasonic, Pioneer, Toshiba, or Sony
    will go a long way to improving your dvd experience.
    Biz, Dec 9, 2003
  7. jack lift

    jack lift Guest

    I will just answer this thread, which is the last one that I see
    regarding my original post about progressive scan players.

    I just want to thank everyone alot for answering this so quickly and
    thoroughly. I think now that after reading all your posts I am
    somewhat more informed. Also, I will take "Biz"'s advice and just get
    a better player. Thank you all for not "flaming" me for my basic
    question (I am sure that we have all been there....) This seems like
    a really decent newsgroup. Thanks again, everyone.

    jack lift, Dec 9, 2003
  8. in my opinion, I don't think his problem is his dvd player, tv, or lack of
    progressive sscan.

    (although he thinks it is, from what he was told).

    I think his problem is the rental dvds theirselves. A lot of people who rent
    them get hem all scratched up where the dvd discs will no longer work properly.

    He probably ended up with rental discs that other people had either scratched
    up very badly or misused in some other way. (such as ussing thir rental dvds
    for coasters to set their drinks on to avoid leaving a ring on their table.
    Hey, there are some idiots out there who will use rental dvds for those type of
    Waterperson77, Dec 9, 2003
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