Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by CLV3, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. CLV3

    Duane Arnold Guest

    One other thing here you shit for brains, if you do have the courage to use select NY and enter .NET, you'll see over 1600 companies
    consulting firms and companies looking for programmers in that greater
    metropolitan area. And if you're stupid enough to think that this has
    something to do with some kind of boom that was happening back in
    1999 or that .Net is all about the Internet then you're an absolute *fool*.
    The sad thing is consulting firms and companies are so picky and will test
    your .Net knowledge with several .Net tests before they will even consider
    one for employment. One doesn't fair well on those tests, see ya, but they
    are desperate to find people with the .Net skill set. That MCP and now
    going for the MCAD has gotten and will get me through the door. I don't
    think I am going to make it to the MCSD as studying for and passing those
    tests are hard work. I saw one person who had to go down there four times
    before she could pass the first test. Lucky for her, the company at the time
    paid for the first three tests.

    I have had calls for fulltime and consulting jobs from the West coast,
    Midwest, East coast, North and South borders, cites and states all wanting
    people with .Net expertise and there are junior entry level jobs too. And
    you'll see in a lot of the job descriptions for a vast majority of the job
    postings, they want you to at the very least have a MCP and if you got that
    or one of the higher level certifications, then you stand a much better
    chance of getting that job if your skill set and work experience matches
    what the company is looking for or you have no work experience to speak of
    the certification will put you ahead of someone that doesn't have one.

    I'll give India credit. They have a MicroSoft site equal to the one in
    Redmond Washington. The people are graduating from college over there,
    getting those MS certifications and they are working here in the US with no

    You better wake-up *boy*. This is the US and Microsoft is king and there are
    plenty of programming jobs out there IF you have the right skill sets the
    employer is looking for and companies are despartly seeking programmers with
    the .NET skill set here in the US..

    I have Linux on my network at home little one and I respect it and I also
    respect MS too as I am no fool and need money in my pockets.

    You need to wake-up if that's possible for someone like you and don't be
    no*fool*. There does still seem to be fools graduating from colleges. <G>

    Duane :)
    Duane Arnold, Dec 26, 2005
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  2. CLV3

    Bolshoy Huy Guest

    Dice and Monster are full of cow dong, Indians, Russians, Chinese,
    and phoney bs ads placed by 25 year old recruiters, just as

    Read what it says at the top of the link I provided:

    "Official job site of the US government"!!!

    NY state has 0 IT jobs!
    That's it folks it's over. No need to continue this argument.
    IT is dead as far as the feds are concerned.
    Bolshoy Huy, Dec 26, 2005
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  3. CLV3

    Duane Arnold Guest

    Read it for what? I know how to find a job and you don't is the bottom line.
    The first job I got through Monster I was flown out to the company and
    given the grand tour of the plants, corporate, and the city. The company
    pick my stuff up lock, stock and barrel and moved me and that was back in
    2001 when I was out of job for a hot minute due to the insurance company I
    worked for was brought by another company and I stayed to close the doors on
    the company books. That was a nice chunk of money I got for staying to the
    end. And that was at time when jobs were tight due to the bust. As
    a matter of fact, I had three different job offers during that time due to
    Monster when things were very tight .

    My first .NET contract is due to Monster where I got over 200 inquires about
    various .Net job positions and took the one in Reno, NV just to see Reno. I
    was told about Dice by others who have *JOBS* and I'll use too when
    this contract ends.

    Like I said here *little one*, you can't find a job as apparently you're to
    stupid to know how to find one and it looks like you have a problem with
    other races too. You surely don't belong in the work force of IT. I myself
    don't care about who, what and why as long as I am working and making money
    and don't have a problem with working with other races or using what other
    people on this Earth have to offer.

    I'll say it to you again little one you need to wake-up as this is a global
    economy with various players on the board and you need to know how to play
    the game.

    It's just like this company here in Reno where they hired a guy from Mexico
    who has the .Net expertise needed he was qualified.

    The old saying goes if you're slow you blow and you seem to be slow for
    someone who seems to be living in the NY area.

    You're trying to tell me about some problem in finding a job in IT when
    there is no problem if you know how to do it and you have the right skill
    set, which apparently you don't know how to do it and you don't have the
    right skill set to get a damn job in IT in the US. :)

    I'll have to say it here. You are pathetic.

    Duane :)
    Duane Arnold, Dec 26, 2005
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