Problems with Home Networking

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Warren Peace, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. Warren Peace

    Warren Peace Guest

    I've set up many home networks before, but for one reason or another,
    cannot get my own home network set up properly right now.

    Basically I just want to share files and printers.

    I have 2 computers
    #1 - laptop with XP Pro SP2 (wireless, firewire, ethernet)
    #2 - desktop with XP Pro SP2 (ethernet, ethernet, firewire)

    they're connected through a router ( though I have tried direct
    connections with the same problem)

    tried the laptop at a friend's house yesterday and file sharing worked
    The problem definietely appears to be with the desktop computer.

    I've set static IP Addresses on both machines, and they can ping each
    other successfully.
    I've tried changing the computer's name and workgroup name to no avail.

    I've run through the set up a home or small office network wizard
    several times, using the same options that I've always used

    The options I choose are as follows
    - other,

    - this computer connects directly to the internet or through a network
    hub. Other computers on my network also connect to the internet
    directly through a hub.

    - then I specify a unique computer description and name,

    - then I make sure the workgroup name matches the one that my laptop is
    using also (matching case and everything)

    - I turn on file and printer sharing, despite the warning,

    - and I tell it that I've already run the networking wizard on the
    other computers (which I have)

    after finishing, I restart the computer for good measure.

    Normally, those actions alone are enough for me to be able to view the
    shared folders of another computer on the same workgroup, however for
    me, it is not even showing the computer that I'm on when I go into
    "View Workgroup Computers".... let alone any other computers on that

    Other things I've tried...
    I checked out the pseudo network stack to ensure file and printer
    sharing was installed and checked, I've tried using my other ethernet
    connection, my firewire connection etc...
    I tried unsharing and resharing my shared folders.

    None of this seems to help.

    Any suggestions you might have to offer are very welcome.

    Warren Peace, Aug 4, 2006
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  2. Warren Peace

    Duane Arnold Guest

    You can use MS NWlink IPX/SPX NetBios compatible protocol on the NICS.

    I have seen a situation where XP Pro machines on an all wire connection
    with the router couldn't see each other for whatever the reasons are
    with XP.

    NWlink was installed and the machines could share resources.

    And besides, you're in a wireless/wire networking situation and that's
    flaky too. I used NWlink in that situation too on Win 2K Pro when the
    wire and wireless machines wouldn't network with each other.

    Duane :)
    Duane Arnold, Aug 4, 2006
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  3. There we go - basic network connectivity is established, but something
    blocks tcp access.
    - You have to make sure no firewall or even a combined virus scanner with
    firewall ambitions *eg* blocks your communication:
    Try from the other computer/laptop: telnet <ip_of_your_desktop> 139 or 445,
    from a commandline.
    If you get a immediate failure (reject), the port is closed / no "file and
    printer sharing" setup.
    If you get a timeout/no response at all, there is a firewall in between.
    If you can connect, it's a issue of matching username/password pairs on both
    Walter Mautner, Aug 4, 2006
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