Problems with D.Link DI-524 wireless connection, please help me!!

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by mikelon, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. mikelon

    mikelon Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I have tried almost everything but my D-Link DI-524 Router still
    doesn't work. However, I am new into these wireless gadgets, so I
    thought I should get some inputs from the pros before giving it back to

    the store.

    Let me explain to you what I wanted. I have a laptop with XP SP2, and
    all I wanted was to go surfing wireless around the house, nothing more.

    No networks, no multiple connections, not the fancy stuff. My cable
    modem is a Motorola Surfboard SB5100E, which has been working just
    fine. My D-Link DI-524 (Version B.2, as if I didn't have enough
    problems now I cannot update drivers either) came bundled with the
    Wireless USB-Adapter DWL-G122. As ethernet card in my laptop I have a
    D-Link DFE-690TXD.

    I installed the Router just as the D-Link QIG says so:
    - turn everything off
    - turn on the modem,
    - connect the modem to the router,
    - after the signal is received turn on the router,
    - connect the router to the computer's ethernet card, turn the
    computer on,
    - run the installation program; I clone the MAC address of the ethernet

    card (Home menu, WAN), keep DHCP enabled (Home menu, DHCP) and then I
    renew the DHCP on the status menu, device info.
    - run the wireless installation, USB is recognized and gets signal,
    everything works fine the first time. I can surf, I can connect to MSN

    Messenger, the basic stuff. I turn the computer off and call it a day.

    Next morning, I restart the computer. What I mean by this is, I turn
    everything off the night before, then everything on the next day. A
    friend told me that I was not supposed to cut the electricity off the
    router, as the configuration may get lost. Is that so??

    Anyway, when I start the computer, the connections are recognized, I
    have a wireless signal and so on. Funny enough (although not that
    funny after three days trying to configure the router), when I go
    surfing nothing works. Also, I try to connect to MSN Messenger and it
    says that it cannot connect. I ran the MSN utility and it says that it

    has problems with the DNS.

    I go to the router menu ( and I see that the DHCP
    connection is lost. I renew it, and then everything goes back to
    normal. Do you guys have any clue why is this happening. Is my friend

    right, am I not supposed to turn the router off by no means??

    I went to the router menu ( and disabled the DHCP-Server.
    The WAN connection worked beautifully. But I lost the DNS on the
    wireless. I mean, I am on the verge of giving up. I need your help,
    please guys!!!

    I also don't know if the problem is that while configuring, I have left
    the two connections on (but wired and wireless in the laptop). Maybe
    it is that the mistake??

    Anyway, there was something stranger. I was having this problem the
    other day, and I started emule. Well, when I connected emule,
    everything worked afterwards. Any inputs on this one??

    Thanks for your help in advance. Have a good day :)

    mikelon, Nov 23, 2005
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  2. mikelon

    Ryan Younger Guest

    Your friend is right, to a degree. Your configuration should not be lost
    when the router is turned off as it is generally stored in an electrically
    erasable programmable read only memory chip (eeprom) or similar, however you
    would generally leave a wireless router powered on and running once it is
    successfully configured. It is not designed to be switched off and on each

    Why don't you start at the beginning, going through the configuration
    step-by-step as you did previously and see if all is working. If not, then
    there should be an option to reset the router to factory defaults (wipe the
    configuration) so you can start from base. Better still you may want to
    visit the following site (you will need to select your model from the list
    and identify your revision of the DI-524 as there are multiple revisions
    available) and upgrade your router's firmware to the latest revision (if it
    is not already) as this will ensure that the problems you are experiencing
    are not a known issue, which has been addressed in a more recent firmware
    update. You should also ensure that your wireless adapter is using the
    latest available driver:

    All the best,

    Ryan Younger. - Ryan's Wireless
    Networking Weblog

    Ryan Younger, Nov 23, 2005
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  3. mikelon


    Sep 18, 2007
    Likes Received:

    I have just bought my di-524 and cannot even get onto the internet once with my laptop using wireless or lan!

    This is really anoying when in my network conections show they are working fine! i have gone through everything and am frustrated! Even the Damn d-link website cannot help becouse it does not let me select Australia!

    Please help me i think its a problem with my laptops settings??

    HELP, patrick
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2007
    helsing, Sep 18, 2007
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