problems with connections to Small Business Server using D-Link

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Mike Webb, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Mike Webb

    Mike Webb Guest

    Running SBS 2003 Premium SP2, ISA 2004, WSUS, 2 NIC's and a router, static
    IP. AP's are D-Link DWL-2200AP's with current firmware. Switch is DES-3828.
    All AP's are set with 2 SSID's - one for guests and one for access to the
    LAN. DHCP comes from the server. LAN SSID is protected with WPA-Personal.
    Primary AP is connected to Port 5 on the switch. Internal NIC is on Port 2,
    all other ports are wired LAN. Setup 3 VLAN's - System, LAN and Guests. Port
    2 is a tagged member of each. Port 5 is a tagged member of each.
    Problem: I have setup all AP's in our conference room with connection to the
    LAN from primary AP. Am testing connections using 2 notebooks - a DELL
    running WinXP SP2 and an HP running VISTA Home Premium. I am testing the
    primary AP ("Main Building" and "Guest - Main Building"). With WinXP, I can
    get an IP on both SSID's, but cannot connect to the internet on the LAN
    SSID - I get an error, "Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you
    on to the network Main Building." However, when I use the DELL Wireless
    Assistant, I am able to get right in, get connected and have my browser
    configured for the proxy server. Why does it work for the DELL app but not
    the Windows app?
    As for VISTA, I get an IP for each, but I'm prompted for a login and
    passwrod to access the proxy server on the Guest SSID, and have to manually
    configure the browser connection to point to the proxy on the LAN SSID and
    then all is well. I am assuming the little problems with VISTA are because
    it's a HOME edition?

    Many thanks in advance!
    Mike Webb, Aug 27, 2007
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  2. Mike Webb

    Mike Webb Guest

    Addional info/problem: I set the primary AP in "WDS with AP" mode and added
    the MAC's of the other 5 AP's to its MAC table. All set on the same
    channel, but all have different SSID's (each identifies the building they
    cover). When I try to connect to these AP's, I get dropped and my VISTA
    client has event ID 6100, association status: 0x00038002 and reason code:
    0x00000002. Quite cryptic; I searched MS - no luck. Googled it, no real
    luck and only margianal help at The plain-language resaon I
    see is "Windows did not receive any response from the wireless router or
    access point."
    Odd ... I can see them fine as an available network, signal strength is
    Excellent, so it must be my setup. REally don't know where I went wrong.

    Mike Webb, Aug 27, 2007
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