Problems with AVG after win 8.1 upgrade.

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by zaqxws, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. zaqxws

    zaqxws Guest

    I had problems with this, current status is says AVG needs to be reinstalled but when I try that it screws the comp up, no proper desktop just black screen and a browser window.

    So now it keep asking me to reinstall it, although it seem to working it says, 'protected on computer emails and identity,and as I said unstalling screw me up untill I reinstall it but then I get the nag messages!!

    Probably the wrong place to ask, but whatever!
    zaqxws, Jun 9, 2014
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  2. zaqxws

    Paul Guest

    Some of these products, they come with a "cleaner".
    The idea is, you may attempt to use Add/Remove to
    remove the software. And right after that, you run
    a "Cleaner" as a second step. It removes the stuff that
    is hard to remove. In particular, it might remove
    registry settings, so that the next installation
    will reload all of those for you.

    To reinstall AVG:

    A: Uninstall AVG using AVG Remover:

    B: Install AVG: ... etc.

    I have no experience with this particular one. I've used
    things like "Detonator Destroyer" for video drivers. And
    some other one for ATI. But the topic of "cleaner" type
    tools, is a common one with software now. Oh yeah, I remember
    the last cleaner I used - it was the Acronis cleaner to
    remove their accursed Acronis filter driver :) Removing
    Acronis, typically does not remove the filter driver.

    Also, with AV products, the "services" they leave running,
    need to be killed during the uninstall. And some of those
    are notoriously hard to kill. If the service "thinks" it is
    malware attempting to remove it, it will stubbornly resist
    the effort. Some of what your AV does, is heuristic or
    behavior based. And the AV product, is practically a rootkit
    in its own right.

    Paul, Jun 9, 2014
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  3. zaqxws

    zaqxws Guest

    Yes anti-virus has caused me far more problems than viruses ever have.
    Indeed I think it was zone alarm which rendered my computer useless, AVG nearly achieved the same thing, just leaves you with a browser window so you can buy the fully fledged product.

    Also I came across some link/article which said it going to be illegal for company to leave stuff on your PC. Note sure which country that was in, will have to see if I can find it again.

    I am kind of reluctant to do anything in case I make it worse, however the software seem to be fine despite the warning.

    One thing to remember is that no virus would ever want to disable you machine as that kills the virus.
    zaqxws, Jun 9, 2014
  4. zaqxws

    Paul Guest

    It depends solely on the "class" of malware.

    The type that makes money from advertising revenue,
    that stuff is pretty tame.

    Someone in one of the other groups got "Sality" and
    it required a "level and reload" to fix. It attacks
    all executables, and adds code to them. I was not
    able to find any information as to whether the changes
    are intended to be reversible. And that one, once
    established, downloads other stuff. It can also
    infect every machine on your home LAN, as well as
    place aurorun.inf on your USB sticks (so disinfection
    work requires great care).

    And the other recent type of note, is the cryptolocker
    kind. Which encrypts user data files and asks for a
    ransom to be paid in Bitcoins. I suppose that one
    doesn't fit your definition, and the machine is likely
    to continue running. But without data files, you won't be
    doing much on the machine. That type will also encrypt
    the contents of file shares if it finds them. For that
    one, you need a backup scheme that doesn't leave file
    shares open (or the backup drive powered on).

    And before you assume I'm a "walking advertisement
    for the AV companies", I think the AV products would
    give you relatively poor protection to stuff like
    those examples. You probably get great protection
    to trivial stuff. But when something nasty comes
    along, I wouldn't be placing any bets on who wins.

    Paul, Jun 9, 2014
  5. zaqxws

    zaqxws Guest

    I guess the key thing is to be vigilant, be careful what sites you visit
    and what you download in particular executables.

    Obviously the cryptolocker sounds worrying, but it does suffer
    from an inability to spread as it must declare it's presence to
    work. Also any ranson money must leave some sort of trail which can
    put someone in jail.

    It was probably invented by AVG!!!

    Also my LAN does not seem to work!!

    I did used to have my two comps connect via a cable, not sure
    how I managed it.

    I have a internet hub/router thing now and I thought that would make
    connecting them easy but I never managed it yet.

    Maybe it is best to keep them separate, then you will only lose one
    at a time!
    zaqxws, Jun 9, 2014
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