Problems sharing internet connection & files on small wireless net

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guest, Oct 14, 2004.

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    I was sold a Linksys Wireless G Access Point and Wireless G USB Network
    Adaptor as a solution to network a PC running WinME which also runs a USB
    Cable broadband modem to access the internet (with an available Ethernet
    Port). I want to connect the laptop running XP via the Wireless Adapter and
    share internet access with the PC and share files on both machines.

    I attached the Access Point directly to the Ethernet port in the modem, and
    ran the Linksys setup software, and installed the USB Adapter to the laptop,
    both installed perfectly although I did notice that a Bridge was installed on
    the laptop?

    There appears to be a strong connection between the two machines but here's
    the problem:

    Whilst I can connect to the internet on the PC, I am unable to access the
    net via the laptop. Also, when I look at the network places in both PC's, I
    am unable to see the respective machines on the network and therefore cannot
    share any files.

    There are no firewalls installed on either machine, and I am sure that
    during setup, I gave the same Network Place name on each machine.

    Ok, so I'm a total newbie in this regard, could someone be kind enough to
    provide me with some instructions or a checklist of things I need to enable
    or look out for? Have I set the hardware correctly? Did I need the Broadband
    Router instead? Oh and in case you are wondering, it was PC World.

    Many thanks, this thing has driven me crazy for a few hours today!
    Guest, Oct 14, 2004
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  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I have a very similar problem, that i also need help with.

    I have a laptop running Win XP and a desktop running Win ME. I want to share
    the dial up conection on the desktop and the files and printers, but have the
    same problems of the computers unable to see each other dispite them both
    showing good connections.

    i had got it working before installing SP2 but now it won't work at all

    please help
    Guest, Oct 16, 2004
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