Problems setting up guest os using VMware Workstation

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Ed, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. Ed

    Ed Guest


    A few weeks ago I bought a new AMD Athlon X2 4600 64-bit system (and 2
    GB ddr2 ram), I can run 99% of 32-bit software that I have, problem is
    that cannot use scanner or printer (neither manufacturer supports
    64bit). I'm using Windows XP Pro 64-bit.

    Anyways, read on the forums people suggesting creating a virtual
    server. I got a copy of VMware Workstation and I followed the
    instructions to install Windows ME on the guest system. I follow the
    steps, looks like it is installing but then goes to the a: prompt. One
    time I got the Windows ME install page but then a box pops up saying
    you can't install windows ME using this version - please contact the
    manufacturer of your computer (I am using a dell OEM Windows ME cd). I
    can't understand it because it's a full version. Anyways I download an
    ISO image of Windows ME, edit the settings to point to the ISO image on
    the hard drive and I still can't get it to install.

    I ran fdisk at the a: prompt and created a 20 gb partition, but when I
    restart and try to install again, it says windows me requires 15 gb
    space on c drive!

    My previous computer is a dell dimension desktop.

    Would someone please help me? Please explain to me in workstation for
    dummies language - I checked the vmware site and the manual and neither
    are helpful.


    Ed, Jul 26, 2006
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  2. Ed

    John Boy Guest

    A lot of the OEM distributions are locked to the
    system. In your case, the CD will only install
    on a Dell system, nothing else.

    For more information you really should go to the
    VMware forums. This is a Microsoft Windows
    forum and as such is not geared toward or
    focused on non-Microsoft programs.
    John Boy, Jul 26, 2006
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  3. You will need a _retail_ copy of Windows Me (or other Windows version). Most
    OEM copies are locked to their own hardware, and won't work in this
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Jul 26, 2006
  4. Ed

    Ed Guest

    Thanks alot for the replies.

    No wonder! I thought I had been doing something wrong!

    My apologies for posting in the wrong group.

    Ed, Jul 26, 2006
  5. Ed

    roman modic Guest


    What models do you have?

    roman modic, Jul 26, 2006
  6. Ed

    Ed Guest

    I have an Epson Perfection 3590 scanner and Xerox XE88 workcentre. I
    checked both websites (as well as AMD websites)and the drivers for
    Windows XP don't work for XP 64-bit. I even called Xerox and the tech
    told me that most Xerox printers aren't compatible with XP 64. However
    I goto Windows, check their HCL and see that they have tested quite a
    few Xerox models and they worked with xp64. I guess mine is just too
    Ed, Jul 26, 2006
  7. Ed

    roman modic Guest


    This Xerox is Zenographics/Sharp based printer (try to ask them about
    x64 support ;)

    Very similar driver has Sharp AL-800 series of printers (840/841):,1086,20,00.html

    HTH, Roman
    roman modic, Jul 28, 2006
  8. Ed

    Ed Guest

    Thanks Roman.

    I downloaded the driver from the site, but have some difficulty getting
    it to work with my printer. I'll give Sharp a call to see if they can
    help me out, but not sure because that particular model of their
    printer has been discontinued.

    Ed, Jul 31, 2006
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