Problems installing network card (ethernet 10/100 NIC PCI)

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Bazzer Smith, May 5, 2006.

  1. Bazzer Smith

    Bazzer Smith Guest

    It does have a setup.exe although I dont know whatit does as I have
    never tried it yet.
    I just assumed i could install windows from this disk, I could be wrong!!
    Bazzer Smith, May 8, 2006
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  2. Bazzer Smith

    Bazzer Smith Guest

    Bazzer Smith, May 8, 2006
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  3. Bazzer Smith

    Bazzer Smith Guest

    As I said in my rather long (last) reply to Kony, it appears following the
    'manual' didn't work for the person who produced the 'manual'.
    It clearly shows it not finding a file it is looking for, and advises you
    to click OK which will result in the same situation (file not found).
    It does also say 'check path below is correct' but as you don't know
    what the path should be anyway thats not much help.

    However I did get past this 'impass' by unzipping some of the .cab
    files on the disk, copying them elsewhere and then changing the
    path to that new location. However I got futher problem later
    on (total lock ups). I managed on a couple of occasions to
    avoid these lockups and 'complete' the installation however
    it always resulted in the it saying setup failed or something
    like that.

    I will give it another try though.
    Bazzer Smith, May 8, 2006
  4. But the way you normally perform the installation from that CD is by running
    that setup.exe (simply double-click on it). I strongly suspect that you will get
    up & running if you do that although it could be problematical now because of
    the other installations. In any case, you've nothing to lose by trying it at
    this point.

    Robert Heiling, May 8, 2006
  5. Bazzer Smith

    Bazzer Smith Guest

    I have given up on it for the time being.
    I just had a rather nasty experience!!
    As I have two comupters but only one monitor I
    have been, repeatedly plugging the monitor into each
    computer to see the screen. Anyway its hard to see what you
    are doing bending over the computer and I managed to break off
    one of the pins on the connector!!! (and bend another one).
    I though I would be without my lovely computer (and internet)
    however when I straightened out the bent pin the monitor still worked
    despite the missiing pin (I woonder what its for?).

    Actually I just looked it up and it is pin 7, Analog video ground.
    So obviously not too important!! (thankfully).

    Gonna leave it alone for now before I do anymore damage!!!
    Bazzer Smith, May 8, 2006
  6. Bazzer Smith

    Bazzer Smith Guest

    I will try it a bit later when I am feeling braver. As you say I have
    to lose as it is a spare hard drive I will be using, if it doesn't
    work i can just delete whatever it puts on it. i need to find the jumper
    settings to set it to master anyway, but I think they might be written on
    that drive. I am a little warey fiddling about with my computer at the
    moment since I broke a pin off the monitor.
    Actually I am not 100% sure I did break the pin off, I suspect that pin
    was always missing. as they seem fairly robust, but you never know.
    apart from anything else it would be interestring to see how well the
    computer performed from a fresh install, i think all the [email protected]
    it accumulated over the years slowed it down considerably. I will have a go
    at it over the next few days anyway.
    Bazzer Smith, May 9, 2006
  7. There appears to be some sort of miscommunication then. I was under the
    impression that you were still running Win98 on the old machine that you had
    installed the 10/100 card into. Isn't that the one that you've been installing
    all these other drivers into? That's the one that I was talking about when I
    mentioned the setup.exe on the 10/100 card's installation CD.
    You can do the driver install after recreating a fresh Win98 boot drive also in
    exactly the same way, but I was hoping to save you the trouble of the Win98
    Robert Heiling, May 9, 2006
  8. Bazzer Smith

    Bazzer Smith Guest

    But the way you normally perform the installation from that CD is by
    Yes win98 is on the old machine, the new one is XP

    I tried a win98 reinstall and managed it, which was a surprise to me as i
    never done it before!! I had a bit of trouble getting the screen resolution
    to 600X800 (or whatever) but managed that too.

    However I treid running the NIC installation disk but it said something
    like "setup.exe requires oleaut32.exe (IIRC) so it wouldn't work.
    I seem to remember that oleaut32.exe pops up a bit in problematic area's
    anyone know what it does?
    Also I could not get broadband to work on it, although it did install
    but it couldn't make a connection. (F*** know why :O) ), I guess
    BB was not around when the disk was made!!

    I have just about given up on it to be honest, although I am learning
    quite a bit in the process (learning that I will never succeed -lol).

    I need to try and get BB working on it cos everything is out of date

    Anyway I have had enough of it for today!!!
    Bazzer Smith, May 11, 2006
  9. Hmmmm. There's no such file on any of my systems, including Win98, but I do see
    that one by that name gets a lot of press as a trojan. It's hard to see how you
    could have something like that on a fresh install, but who knows.

    What my Win98 does have is a oleaut32.dll in the windows/system folder and it
    has a newer date which leads me to believe that it might have come on the
    install disk when I was doing exactly what you are attempting with a 10/100 card
    under Win98 last year. I'll make a copy available to you if yours is missing.
    Aha! in fact I see a copy that I was shipping special to the Win98 machine a
    year ago, so I must have had problems at that time also and done the research,
    but can't recall them now. I've put it up temporarily for you to download if you
    choose. (case sensitive to download)
    It goes in C:\Windows\system
    That pretty much follows if the install failed. :)
    Robert Heiling, May 11, 2006
  10. Bazzer Smith

    Bazzer Smith Guest

    I mean oleaut32.dll which may in cab number 14,,
    have read references to visual basic and that the file is always in use.
    (which maybe the prob), It is wanted by the card instalation disk
    not by windows install, windows is install OK(ish).
    oops just read that tooo late!!!
    Thanks I amsuer i have one kicking around somoewhere myself (on the
    former installation).
    Bazzer Smith, May 11, 2006
  11. Bazzer Smith

    kony Guest

    This is all ridiculous. You only needed the two bare files,
    and when windows detects a network card, to point it to
    them. Installing a network card on a new windows
    installation (or any that hasn't been damaged somehow) takes
    approximately 10 seconds.
    kony, May 11, 2006
  12. Bazzer Smith

    Bazzer Smith Guest

    Well I have sorted out the oleaut32.dll problem, or at least
    it seems to have sorted itself out somehow but anyway I
    could run the setup program, however it came up with the
    same old problelm of not finding the drivers. However although
    it was a fresh install of windows I may have screw it up a bit
    by trying to install the card manually when the set-up program
    would not run. I really don't understand it. Everything is so
    inconsistant. I am pretty sure that the oleaut32.dll was there
    all the time, as I understand it it is always in use and you would
    have to boot to msdos to changeit anyway. Very confusing.
    I think the setup program just takes a look at you system so
    it can determine the correct two files (as you call them)
    the driver (.sys) and the .inf file, which it them copies
    to a folder windows/preiinstall, and you are them meant to
    point windows to there to get the files, however there are
    several files in there (several .sys and several .inf) some seem
    to be paired like abc.sys abc.inf, some are not.
    Anyway I will have another go at it, I will also to to install
    broadband on it which should make things easier if I can connect to
    the internet.
    Bazzer Smith, May 14, 2006
  13. Bazzer Smith

    Bazzer Smith Guest

    Well just to extend the farce further I decided to try a different PCI
    slot, but being a bit hot I took off my jumper first, (and heard the
    crackle of static) anyway I when I put it in (two) different slots
    the card was not detected at all. Good I though, I have distroyed the
    card completely so this farce is finally over. However unfortunately
    when I put it back in it's original slot it was detected again and the
    installation seemed to through like a dream, drivers found etc,
    installation complete, reboot computer to finish.
    However when i rebooted and looked in the the device manager
    it said "The device loaders, ndis.vxd and ntkern.vxd could not
    load the device driver". I noticed there was no ntkern.vxd in /system
    so I copied a copy in but I still got the same message when I reinstalled
    things. I wish I had destroyed the card because al it gives me is grief.

    Actually I just googled the error message and the same problem is described

    It sounds like it has been resolved (for the poster) but I have not
    read it all yet, I don't have the energy. I expect will not work for
    me but I will give it a go later.
    Bazzer Smith, May 14, 2006
  14. Bazzer Smith

    Bazzer Smith Guest


    I finally managed to install the driver.
    The solution? Upgrade to W98SE. All I I did was install my copy
    of W98SE over the existing W98, when it finished the installation
    the card was reported as OK in the device manager, no yellow
    exclaimation mark, driver installed OK.
    I don't think W98 supports networkinig like that (local).
    Now all I need to do is to get it to 'network' with my other
    PC (this one XP), at the moment it is connected with a
    crossover cable but this machine reports limited or no
    connectivity with a yellow exclamation mark in the system
    tray network icon.
    Any tips on how to 'get it to do something'?
    Bazzer Smith, May 15, 2006
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