Problems dialling in to a home VPN

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by David Rance, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. David Rance

    David Rance Guest

    I've recently installed a Draytek 2820n router and am trying to set up a
    VPN connection. In fact I *have* set one up but there is one little
    problem, a firewall problem.

    My home network consists of a couple of printers, an NAS and three
    computers running XP. I have two roving computers, one is a laptop
    running Vista and the other is a netbook running XP. The Vista laptop
    can dial in (using 3G) to the VPN with no problem at all. It all works.
    I can access all the computers on the LAN

    The problem is with the netbook running XP. I can get the Draytek to
    assign an IP address on the local network. I can ping all the computers.
    I can access web-based pages on the printers and the NAS. What I cannot
    do is to access the XP computers on the LAN *unless* I take the firewall
    down on the netbook. I've tried to discover if it's a port on the
    netbook XP blocking communication without success. I set up the VPN
    connection using the XP wizard which should have taken care of

    The mysterious thing is that the Vista laptop works *with* the firewall
    active. The XP netbook works only with the firewall de-activated. I've
    googled for help but no-one else seems to have had this problem. Does
    anyone here know what I should look for?

    Thanks in advance, David
    David Rance, Jul 7, 2009
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