Problem with WordPad all of a sudden.

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by THEO, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. THEO

    - Bobb - Guest

    the message:
    That's true - jpg is NOT an application .

    Tells me that YOU have associated filetype of .jpg with a PROGRAM called "
    jpg "
    THAT is WRONG , the Filename should be ... 'MSpaint.exe ', 'Windows Picture
    viewer ', some PROGRAM.

    #1 Go to another PC that works normally and check filetype
    and compare the 2 pc's - that's your problem.

    ..jpg files OK now ?

    Yes = continue
    No = go to step #1
    The later PC has an association between .doc and WORD aka 'Microsoft word
    for windows' ( the default for .doc files for years)

    I still do not know: so tell me - yes or no - ALL of these .doc files that
    don't work now - are they all PICTURES ?

    If in fact the version of wordpad that you used was specific to Windows 98
    ( for example) , AND you deleted it from the PC, can you put on a floppy and
    try one on a Win98 pc ?

    That's enough for now.
    Try it and let us know.

    Sorry, but I'm gonna ask specifc questions that need specific answers from
    here on: so ONLY answer the question - exactly OK ? Until now you have gone
    into "file types area with look at what program opens etc, so

    Your problems ONLY relate now to file with extension of .doc ?

    Has office ever been installed on this PC? ( MS Office associates .doc with
    WORD so if Office WAS on there and then removed you'd get a

    I think you know but the file EXTENSION determeines which prgram opens the
    file. By defualt Windows comes with certain defaults. Seems to me that you
    have chnaged Windows defualt settings to "something else" in the past and
    are going down a rathole. So, forget that doc USED to work for now. As a
    review, whether it is ".doc" or ".xyz" all that happens is that Windows goes
    to a table to see " what file do I use to open this filetype? ". If it did
    NOT do that every time you try to use a file it would ask " what file do I
    use to open this file? "

    So you USED to have doc associated with SOME program. IF that program was
    removed / deleted from your PC, it needs to get reinstalled. If you're with
    me so far:

    Now that .jpg is fixed ....

    When you look at filetypes, do you now only have one listing for .doc ?

    What program is the default program opened ?

    when you look at details, is there a CHANGE box on that screen ? If so click
    it and look at alternative programs. What programs are listed ?

    Check jpg file extension - what is defualt ? Do you remember what is USED
    to be - is that program available when you clikc CHANGE
    - Bobb -, Dec 22, 2009
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  2. THEO

    THEO Guest

    On this computer in File Types it says they should open with
    LView, but they don't have an LView icon. Instead they have a
    Netscape icon of some sort.

    I can open LView and then open .jpgs and .jpegs from there, but I
    can't select Open With and then select LView and get them to open
    that way. Trying it that way just brings up the ". . .jpg is not
    a valid Win32 application " message.
    Not all of them have pictures, but most do. Now I've learned that
    I can open one of the screwed up docs, paste a .jpg into it and
    save it, and when I re-open it there's the screwed up mess AND
    the new .jpg I pasted in.
    So does each version of Windows have a different version of
    wordpad that doesn't work well with different versions of
    Windows? If they did that why wouldn't they at least make it so
    newer versions can read things made with older versions, even
    though they couldn't go back in time to make older versions able
    to read things made with newer versions?
    THEO, Dec 23, 2009
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  3. THEO

    - Bobb - Guest

    I've never used/heard of LView, SO

    go into LView and choose HELP

    You might find to open a pictur standalone you have to type soemthing
    like " LView.exe / openwithxxxx".

    For the time being - make it so the default for JPG is , picture viewer,
    paint, etc so you can at least work with /view jpgs.

    right click a JPG file
    "open with " select CHOOSE PROGRAM
    select the program you want, check the ALWAYS USE box and be done with it

    do NOT use Lview for automating anything until you find out if you CAN.
    - Bobb -, Dec 23, 2009
  4. THEO

    - Bobb - Guest

    it's been such a long time ago that this thread started with WordPad /"
    ..doc" questions.

    How about considering this thread closed and if jpg questions, start a new
    As for what happened to your wordpad - I even forget the deatils - you said
    you copied it from an old PC ?

    I think what happened to you was some update saw .doc files and ran an
    update related to WORD and it messed with your registry - changing your OLD
    references to wordpad.

    Ask someone locally who can sit in front of the PC to take a look. It's too
    tedious for us to explain every click and for you to answer every click .
    Someone sitting there can probably figure it out in 5 minutes whereas doing
    it they way we've tried ... 'something gets overlooked/not mentioned , and
    go down a rathole.
    - Bobb -, Dec 24, 2009
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