Problem with WordPad all of a sudden.

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by THEO, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. THEO

    THEO Guest

    For years I've been taking .jpgs and pasting them in WordPad
    documents and thought it was a great thing to be able to do it.
    I've done hundreds of documents like that and never had any
    problems. But now all of a sudden they don't show the pictures or
    even the text anymore, but instead it's just a bunch of symbols
    like y's with dots over them and rectangular blocks, etc... Can
    anyone explain what happened and how to make it work the way it
    did before?
    THEO, Dec 14, 2009
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  2. THEO

    JD Guest

    I'm not a big fan of wordpad cant say I use it much but it sound's like
    the strange letters and symbols you are seeing are the CODE of the JPG
    file, the only thing I can think of is that if it is saving it as .txt
    file; then a .txt file can only contain text, make sure you are saving
    as .rtf or .doc.

    Theres a Free Word processor package out there called,
    which can read and write to Microsoft files as well as many others
    including PDF if you write a lot of text you might be better off with
    this instead.

    JD, Dec 14, 2009
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  3. THEO

    - Bobb - Guest

    New antivirus software ? Change security level on IE ( browser) ?
    I ran into that with Outlook - showed me a small icon rather than image.
    Changed security from high to moderate and then showed picture as it used
    ( "preview" is considered a security issue)

    BTW, I use paint to do what you do
    start- prgs - accessories-paint
    copy picture from app
    save as
    - Bobb -, Dec 14, 2009
  4. THEO

    Sjouke Burry Guest

    Woops, reply to the wrong post a few minutes ago.
    I have xp sp3, copy in PAINT and then paste in Wordpad worked for me.
    Dragging the file into Wordpad did not work for me, it only left the
    name of the file in a drag frame.
    Sjouke Burry, Dec 14, 2009
  5. THEO

    THEO Guest

    That sounds right.
    These are files that have been .doc files and working fine for
    years, but now all of a sudden they're acting like .txt files I
    guess. I don't know if it could have anything to do with this,
    but I tried opening a .jpg with LView and got the message:
    .....jpg is not a valid Win32 application. Well I never said it
    was, but it was after that the problems seemed to begin with
    My idea is that every PC should have NotePad and WordPad, so use
    them so I can open whatever on any PC. Of course that doesn't
    work either because at lot of my programs were made on older
    computers so for some reason when I try to open old WordPad files
    in newer PCs I get a message like: 'Can not open Word (whatever)
    files, or something like that. Well I'm not trying to open Word
    files at all, and in fact deliberately try to use WordPad in an
    effort to avoid that exact kind of problem.
    THEO, Dec 14, 2009
  6. THEO

    - Bobb - Guest

    If you WANT to use WordPad only , then edit your file type options
    IF a PC, open windows Explorer
    then Tools- Folder Options
    scroll down for the filetype extension ( is it RTF ) you want ONLY WordPad
    to open and remove that filetype from Word
    So double-click RTF - for default program to be WordPad - Choose WordPad. Or
    delete all but WordPad if you like. Having more than one listed just lets
    you "rightclick " on the file and choose OPEN with several programs.

    And if you don't have Word and do need to read Word documents (.doc), go to and download " Word Viewer."
    - Bobb -, Dec 14, 2009
  7. THEO

    THEO Guest

    Now that you mention it when I shut it down the other day it took
    its sweet time about it and said it was updating some
    things--probably security things because it's always wanting to
    do that--and then it shut down when it got done.
    I looked at things more closely after reading that, and noticed
    that the icon for .docs is the same as it was, then as they open
    a WordPad icon shows up on the task bar, but then after they do
    open it looks like a Notepad icon on the task bar instead of a
    WordPad icon. Went to Folder Options--File Types. DOC (not .doc)
    DOC File, Opens with: WordPad. So WTF???
    That's worth a try. How?
    What do you use to copy pictures? I've been using a demo version
    of LView for several years. It has always worked though, and I've
    made quite a few docs this way with no trouble reading them or
    transfering them and reading them on other computers (except
    newer ones often said they could not read that version of Word
    documents...) until now all of a sudden when they quit working on
    my own computer.

    Shouldn't it have something to do with that Notepad icon showing
    up on the task bar? Even when I highlight a .doc icon, then right
    click and select Open With, then open it with WordPad it still
    looks like text only and brings up a Notepad icon on the task
    bar. Looking at the document after it's open, at the top bar
    (whatever it is) in the left corner there is a text icon like the
    one on the task bar, but then it goes on to say . . . .doc -
    WordPad. What the hell???
    THEO, Dec 15, 2009
  8. THEO

    - Bobb - Guest

    as far I knew DOC = doc
    do you have both doc and DOC in filetypes
    Assume for a minute that windows ( XP?) thinks DOC = doc
    For filetype doc - what is default program ( whatever it IS, make it

    Plan b : create a new flietype that opens with wordpad
    so rename one of your files to be "filename.ggg"
    Now double click on "filename.ggg". It will ask " what program to use"
    choose WOrdpad and check the "always use this " box.

    IE - TOOLS- internet options - privacy tab
    Not sure what you mean ?
    Just right-click copy/ right-click paste
    I can't duplicate that here.
    If I go to and
    right-click the 'logo of the day above the text area" - copy
    Open Wordpad - paste -
    Puts that picture into wordpad file for me.

    Open Paint and edit- paste - creates same picture - SAVE AS
    - Bobb -, Dec 15, 2009
  9. THEO

    Jon Danniken Guest

    OP only posted to three groups, that is well within the customary limit for
    crossposting, and is *far*, *far* better than multiposting.

    The only issue at hand seems to be the relevance of the groups he posted to,
    but I think we can overlook that failing today.

    Jon Danniken, Dec 15, 2009
  10. THEO

    Jon Danniken Guest

    I used to use lview back many moons ago. Irfanview is a much better
    solution, is free, and very capable.

    Jon Danniken, Dec 15, 2009
  11. THEO

    THEO Guest

    It's not really a Notepad icon after all, but it is a text icon
    just white with black lines and the spiral looking thing across
    the top.

    I right clicked on a WordPad icon and selected Run as... The box
    by "Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program
    activity" was checked, so I unchecked it and hit OK hoping that
    would change things back. But I can't find out whether it would
    or not because something keep checking the box again...every time
    I uncheck it and close the window, when I open it again it's
    checked again. So now what???
    THEO, Dec 16, 2009
  12. THEO

    - Bobb - Guest

    That spiral icon IS wordpad.
    WHY did you do that ?
    "Run as... " means to RUN the program AS another user.
    Reread previous message - in explorer , you want to "Open With" .

    Did you copy/paint " google icon" as I did ?
    Did that work ?
    - Bobb -, Dec 16, 2009
  13. THEO

    - Bobb - Guest

    you need to do what I said last time and report results.
    Does it work in 'paint' ?
    open notepad type some characters and SAVE AS abc.mmm
    now double-click that file. (abd.mmm)
    the computer will prompt you for a program to use to open
    that file because it has no info on the filetype " mmm".
    Browse and select Wordpad as the program to use.
    Next time you double-click the file ( or ANY file ending in mmm) it will
    open wordpad.
    Now oaste your picture in there. - call in xyz.mmm
    double-click cyz.mmm - wordpad open? , picture Ok ?
    if THAT works then your problem is the file type association.
    If not, then probably HOW you're doing it / picture properties etc
    Can't choose which until previous steps followed.

    In the title here you said "all of a sudden"
    drop back and reread earlier messages - look into those things you
    - Bobb -, Dec 16, 2009
  14. THEO

    THEO Guest

    Oh. My bad. It does say it's wordpad, but still does the text
    only thing.
    I've done that a number of times. There are two versions of
    wordpad on this machine and I've opened it with both of them, and
    with the same result. Going to File Types, DOC files open with
    wordpad and there is only the one listing of DOC files which is
    what these are.
    I copied a .jpg and pasted it into a paint document, but I still
    want to be able to go back to doing it with wordpad since I've
    already got a bunch of wordpad documents that used to work fine
    and then all of a sudden stopped working. Something changed. How
    do you put text in paint docs, btw?

    I tried copying the info from one of the wordpad docs and pasting
    it into a paint doc to see if that would work, but it didn't.

    Does wordpad actually display the images that are pasted into it,
    or is it another program that's responsible for making images
    look like images in wordpad docs?
    THEO, Dec 16, 2009
  15. THEO

    - Bobb - Guest

    WHY ? How do you know ?
    If they are different - rename "the new one" to wordpad/new for now
    ( BTW, this is getting too involved to contnue this way)
    Listen to me - for the next 30 minutes: FORGET that " I used to ..." ,
    forget that "they end in .DOC"

    Make a file and right-click "OPEN WITH"
    choose Wordpad. Now "do your thing" /paste etc.
    Does it work ?
    YES - great
    NO = it's not an extension problem ( .doc) it's a program problem and
    messing with .doc vs xyz vs abc won't change it.
    not just " a JPG" - to clarify:
    Did you ?
    If you want to copy while online and paste into wordpad, then "copy while
    online and paste into " PAINT. if same BAD icon then it's not the
    paint/wordpad program - it's the INPUT.
    Get it - you need to determine :
    Is it a bad picture ? ( via IE or java or whatever)
    or is it a program problem ?
    Choose the TEXT icon ( I'm not being funny - you'll see a "big A" - click it
    for a text box)
    This isn't an online course - please just try "paint vs wordpad".
    WHAT ? Huh ?
    - Bobb -, Dec 16, 2009
  16. THEO

    THEO Guest

    A lot of the docs I have were made on an older version of Windows
    like 95 or 98, and when I started using this computer it kept
    telling me it couldn't open Word something or other documents
    which they were not, but it wouldn't open them with wordpad. So I
    copied the version of wordpad I had from the old computer and
    used it to open them with. It worked fine for years until all of
    a sudden.
    Because it gives me two choices when I select open with. They
    have different icons.
    Both versions of wordpad are 5.1. The version that was on this pc
    wouldn't open the old .docs I loaded into it, so I put in the
    older version of wordpad from my old computer and it worked great
    until recently. Then it quit working for all of the docs it had
    been opening fine before. I tried making new docs with the
    version I loaded from the old pc and now it keeps having
    "unexpected" problems or just fails to respond leaving the hour
    glass icon hanging around, and sometimes it gives this messag:

    You are about to save the document in a Text-Only format, which
    will remove all formatting. Are you sure you want to do this?

    I made docs with the new version and it seems to work fine, but
    it won't open the docs made with the version from my old pc.
    Neither will the old version any more, but it had been working
    fine. At the moment it looks like I can make docs as I have been
    with the version that was already on here, but can't use the
    older ones made with the older version any more. I don't want to
    lose them.

    Why would wordpad not open wordpad docs to begin with? I used
    wordpad to make things like that specifically trying to avoid
    this sort of problem because every pc has wordpad, so it should
    always be easy to few my docs. But this pc said it couldn't open
    Word...whatever so I loaded wordpad from my old pc and opened
    them with that and it worked fine for year up until now. All of
    this is EXACTLY what I was deliberately trying to avoid by using
    a common program like wordpad to make docs with pic in them...
    I opened one of the docs that used to work fine but now does not
    and copied everything from it, then pasted it into a paint doc to
    see if that would somehow end up showing it like it used to, but
    it didn't. I tried the same thing loading it into a doc made with
    the later version of wordpad and that didn't work either. I hate
    to lose all those old docs all of a sudden for no apparent
    reason, but so far that's what looks like is going to
    happen...exactly what I've been trying to avoid since before I
    ever had the first problem with it...
    THEO, Dec 17, 2009
  17. I don't know what was modified or upgraded on your system but you tried
    opening them using a freeware copy of Open Office? You can find it here: Might be an alternative way to keep your "old"
    files workable.
    GlowingBlueMist, Dec 17, 2009
  18. THEO

    Baron Guest

    [email protected] Inscribed thus:
    Didn't the early "Wordpad" have a 64K file size limit.
    Baron, Dec 17, 2009
  19. THEO

    - Bobb - Guest

    To confirm your problem that was posted here:
    you wanted to save a picture from a webpage, so you " used to"
    right-click/copy the picture, then PASTE into wordpad. Right ?
    That's all I was trying to help you with.

    If you have problems with "RTF files" ( wordpad documents) that's a whole
    'nother topic.
    So don't conFUSE me !

    Is the "picture thing" OK ?

    As for "the old wordpad documents", what are their file extensions ? Are
    they PICTURES or TEXT ?

    HAD you saved them with "filename.RTF" extension ?
    And you COULD read them before - but not now ?
    copy one - open it on another PC - does it open / look ok there ?
    This should become a new thread.
    - Bobb -, Dec 17, 2009
  20. THEO

    THEO Guest

    I can still do it that way, but can't open old ones that I used
    to be able to open.
    Now I can't open .jpgs as I used to be able to do. I can open
    LView and make a .jpg, but can't open it after it's made. I can
    copy and paste an image into wordpad and open that, but can no
    longer open older wordpad docs I made before whatever happened
    happened, and can no longer open .jpgs. Now when I try to open
    ..jpgs which I used to be able to do, I get the message:

    .. . .jpg is not a valid Win32 application
    They are wordpad documents with pictures pasted into them. There
    is also plenty of text as well as the pictures, which is one
    reason I like using wordpad. That and because it should be "easy"
    to open wordpad docs on any pc. So they are wordpad documents
    with both pictures and text. Their extension is .doc though I
    have made copies of some and changed them to .rtf to see if that
    would work, and it did nothing.
    No. They were .docs and they used to work fine, then after they
    quit working all of a sudden I tried making copies and changing
    the to .rtfs.....
    I've tried opening them on later model computers and got a
    message like: can not open word for windows ... documents, or
    something like that. They are and always have been wordpad
    THEO, Dec 22, 2009
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