Problem with Privoxy (and Tor).

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by Quimbler, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. Quimbler

    Quimbler Guest

    I am having some problems with Privoxy that I cannot resolve.

    Privoxy is slow. Very slow. On its own and with Tor, but the problem
    is Privoxy.

    Firstly, my config.txt file shows: listen-address

    My browser (Mozilla Firefox 1.0) uses this proxy for all connections.

    I normally use ZoneAlarm but have tried turning it off when using
    Privoxy, to no avail. IOW, it cannot be ZA blocking connections to the

    I constantly get the following error multiple times per website:

    Jan 24 12:13:48 Privoxy(-2072989) Request:
    Jan 24 12:13:53 Privoxy(-1979429) Error: Unable to get my own hostname:
    WSANO_DATA - Valid name, no data record of requested type.

    According to the Privoxy FAQ: "5.11. My logs show many "Unable to get my
    own hostname" lines. Why?

    Privoxy tries to get the hostname of the system its running on from the
    IP address of the system interface it is bound to (from the config file
    listen-address setting). If the system cannot supply this information,
    Privoxy logs this condition.

    Typically, this would be considered a system configuration error. It is
    not a fatal error to Privoxy however, but may result in a much slower
    response from Privoxy due to DNS timeouts."

    Now, I have no idea why Privoxy does not understand what my hostname is
    since the listen-address setting says it is

    The problem manifests itself as follows: the computer receives
    information from the Internet, then stops for a few seconds then starts
    again. It is all the stopping that dramatically reduces the connection
    speed. I am no expert, but this might well be one of the "DNS timeouts".

    Incidentally, in Mozilla Firefox there is an option under General /
    Connection Settings to choose "No Proxy For" a site or IP address. It
    said "localhost" at one point, but whether that is there or not, makes
    no difference to the slowness of Privoxy.

    If it helps, I use a dial-up connection. I utilise ME.

    Thanks for any advice offered. As stated, the slowness is down to
    Privoxy rather than Tor. The latter is fine on its own.
    Quimbler, Jan 25, 2005
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