Problem with new Belkin Pre-N router

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Danisoid, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. Danisoid

    Danisoid Guest

    I have installed a brand new Belkin Pre-N router that I use with a variety
    of network cards: Belkin 54g, MN-720 54g, some other USB products 11b. I use
    both XP SP2 and W2000, and the router configuration is left standard except
    for security handled through MAC Address restrictions.
    While this router really rocks, on a weekly basis I have this phenomenon
    where the wireless connections drop in performance and finally get dropped
    without any warning. It seems like the router gets overloaded and cannot
    handle wireless connections while cable connections remain active. The only
    way I have right now to restore the situation is to either switch the router
    off, or resetting it through the configuration software. After that
    operations things get back to normal at full speed.
    Does any one has a clue about that issue?
    I checked the Belkin web site unsuccessfully.
    It really bothers me because this router really expand my signal range
    great, beyond my expectations.

    Danisoid, Dec 20, 2004
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  2. Danisoid -

    I've had the Belkin F5D8230-4 Pre-N router up and running for about 6 weeks
    now, and it has been 100% rock solid. I've pumped a LOT of data through
    it -- massive downloads from wired and wireless pc's, as well as large data
    transfers across my WLAN from wired to wireless segments and vice versa. So
    far not a single hiccup, and I haven't had to reboot it for any reason
    either. I've been using this with 4 wired pc's, a wireless pc with a Belkin
    Pre-N adapter, and a wireless laptop with the Pre-N card also. I also used
    it for a while with my old DLink laptop and pc cards, and it worked great.

    I wonder if the MAC filtering code has some kind of memory leak in the
    router? That's all that's different between our setups (I believe). Have you
    considering trying it without MAC filtering turned on? Not ideal, but it
    might shed light on the issue.

    Also: have you called Belkin support? I would certainly give them a try.

    I haven't tried MAC restrictions - so that's one thing different in our

    A shame you're experiencing this - the router has been incredible for me -
    better than anything else I've seen in the market to date.

    - Jon
    Jonathan Strong, Dec 20, 2004
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  3. Danisoid

    Danisoid Guest

    Thanks Jonathan,
    I agree it is an awesome piece of hardware when it works.
    Before MAC access control, I also used WEP 128bits but the results were the
    same, NO even worst as the key was resetted at the card level (???? do not
    ask me how) forcing me rekey them in each time to reconnect.
    I have not tried the belkin "human" support yet, but it probably already
    know the answer they will give me......"it must be your cards which are not
    Belkin pre-N", so this will be my last option.
    Danisoid, Dec 20, 2004
  4. Danisoid

    Misiek Guest

    Note that WEP128 is not covered by WiFi logo. Therefore its interportability
    is not guaranteed. On the other hand WEP64 and WPA are covered. You maight
    want to try these.

    Misiek, Dec 20, 2004
  5. Danisoid

    Harvey Gratt Guest

    Does the wireless pre-N card come with WPA software for win98se? I have
    an older I7500 laptop in which I am currently using WEP 128.

    Harvey Gratt, Dec 20, 2004
  6. Danisoid

    Malke Guest

    Harvey - the laptop's hardware would have to also support WPA. If the
    wireless hardware is older, it won't be available to you on the laptop.

    Malke, Dec 20, 2004
  7. Danisoid

    Misiek Guest

    Unfortunatly no. Belkin software does not inlude WPA support. One needs to
    use XP or some third party software for WPA. Moreover, there is no support
    for win98 at all. Only 2000 and XP.

    Misiek, Dec 21, 2004
  8. Hopefully Belkin will release WPA support in an update to the driver for
    their cards, although I don't know if they'll bother for an older version of
    Windows at this point...
    Jonathan Strong, Dec 23, 2004
  9. Danisoid

    Guest Guest

    i have the same dropped connection problem that plauges me every few days.
    sometimes have to restart 10 times. did ms design this? may be a leak that
    shuts it down, but the linux kernel doesn't seem to want to load it back up.
    no i'm also having problems keeping it tapped to the internet. i hope its
    not faulty. i might also add that the problem seemed to crop up around the
    time i moved it to from room temp to a 50 degree room and haven't tried to
    move it back. seems odd a cooler temp would have something to do with it but
    it could be related. i was one of the first purchasers of the device, and i
    couldn't believe my eyes when i saw their marketing junk. sure, when it
    works it outperforms anything on the market including some 500mw cards i've
    used, but the router can be so sporadic. btw, the pcmcia card does work with
    netstumbler. when they tell you it has 800% the coverage, the scientific
    principal deployed in their marketing leads you to believe they have used the
    same standard as everyone else, distance from the router. i believe it does
    have 800% the coverage, but bearing in mind coverage is considered in terms
    of area, not distance. one must take the square root to gauge its
    performance against the standard of using distance, which comes up to 2.5
    times the distance, roughly. they still have a fault in their advertising,
    though. you can find in the current manual, they don't say 800% the coverage
    of the competition, they say 800% 'wider' coverage. This is clearly
    deceptive as wider now alleges 8 times the distance, when its actually still
    around 2.5 times. i've emailed them numerous times to get the 'wider' taken
    out of the advertising, but it still remains. should one wonder if they even
    are smart enough to make the distinction, one need only to look at the box
    with the two bubbles around the home where the belkin bubble is clearly 8
    times wider than the competitions. one shows a few rooms, theirs shows the
    whole city. although not to scale, it affirms they belittled a very solid
    product that was genuinly superiour by leading consumers to believe it was
    roughly 3 times the product it actually is. when i first got mine, i
    couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the manual. On the cover, it states,
    superior performance and 'twice' the coverage of the competition. on the
    same page, it says, '800% wider coverage'. if thats not bad enough to screw
    up the same stat on the same page by a factor of 400%, turn to page 3 where
    they screwed up the speed quantification by almost the same margin of error.
    when i emailed them about this and also noted it was on the pdf at their
    website, they had it retracted and corrected before i got off the phone with
    them, although they still refuse to revoke the 'wider' terminoligy. luckly,
    for your entertainment i saved a copy of the old pdf before they changed it.
    you need only look at the first page to see what i'm talking about, but you
    could turn to page 3 where they do it again. what a shame to take a boafide
    product well over twice the value of the competition and mangle the
    advertising this corruptly. and as you guessed, i furnish for your
    entertainment the original manual at . if you own
    one of these routers, you must check this out. i don't know how its possible
    to butcher documentation this bad. the first page says 'twice the coverage'
    at the top, and 800% the coverage at the bottom. under 800% on the bottom,
    we find 600% faster. the same mistake on twice the coverage is repeated on
    page 3 paragraph one, but step to paragraph 2 on the same page and we find
    'five times the previous capacities'.

    i advised dumping all the work they did to independently prove this products
    performance and just fill up the first 3 pages with either, 'we don't really
    know', or 'we don't really know how to count'.

    i haven't heard back from their legal team yet, but surely curiosity won't
    keep you from browsing over to their site and downloading the revised edition
    to see how they pulled themselves out of this hole.

    anyone with suggestions about the dropped wireless please advise. i would
    greatly apprecieate it. how in the hell do you create a product so superior
    in the marketplace and still can't count? bearing in mind even if they were
    counting on their fingers you could still be missing 2 fingers from some
    freak accident and still get up to 8 using both hands, or lose both hands and
    get there counting on your toes.

    Guest, Mar 1, 2005
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