Problem with Internet Connection Sharing - Can't Access One Comput

Discussion in 'Broadband Hardware' started by Challenger Computer User, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. I installed my network adapters easily and used ICS to link two computers.My
    connections are enabled by a Linskys boadband router that I used to set up a
    Vonage account.Clumsily and awkwardly I set up the link of the two home
    computers. I was breezing along for a new computer user. I was successfully
    placing files in the Shared Documents folders and exchanging folders between

    My descent into disaster began when I tried to do a print job from a remote
    computer. After several "error occured" messages I tried fumbling around with
    the ports of a printer. This printer has a USB connector and I believe its
    port is described as "virtual UsB port for printer". I'm not even sure now if
    you can enable print sharing through a "virtual USB port". I continued to
    foolishly persevere rather than seeking out technical advice. WELL,AN OPTION
    with the logic that the print job would pick out an available , designated
    port for printing.
    INSTEAD DISASTER STRUCK. I got some vague message about a "break" in the
    code of the registry(?) damaging the computer. Internet Explorer had to
    automatically shut down citing an internal error had occurred.

    Now my network access to the computer which I was attempting to do a remote
    print job with has vanished, been liquidated. OUCH!!When I look under network
    connection settings, the "friendly hand" that had earlier displayed is gone.
    Further, I could not access this computer. When I executed the command
    \\Computer Name\Shared Documents the "hourglass" locked up and then "path can
    not be found" or similar was displayed. The drivers are listed as working. I
    performed a Net Diagnostics Test: network adapters FAILED. This was my first
    introduction to the Ping utility. I guess it sends out an address/path call
    and expects an ech or respnse back. mY INTERNET CONNECTIONS FOR BOTH

    I suspect I did some major damage to some programming code in the registry.I
    will now probably just hook up the computers directly using parallel

    What you don't know can really hurt you in this game. Any help or insights
    by competent computer users (that excludes me) would be greatly
    appreciated.Please excuse the non-technical description of my problem. I
    guess the print pooling in some way overloaded my network system.
    Challenger Computer User, Aug 14, 2006
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