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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by mcp6453, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. mcp6453

    mcp6453 Guest

    If someone knows a better newsgroup for this question, please suggest
    it. My ISP has a contract with Giganews for newsgroup service. Their
    retention and speed are excellent. Validation is through IP address, I
    assume, because it doesn't require a username or password to access.
    However, I use an OLD news reader (Netscape 3.04G). Since this reader
    has a feature that no other newsreader has, I do not want to change.
    (Pressing the "Thread" button on the toolbar causes the current thread
    to be marked read and jumps to the next unread message. Thunderbird
    comes close, but it is still two clicks.)

    The problem is, I cannot post to newsgroups. I get an error "Message
    sent, waiting for reply", but the reply never comes. Giganews is not
    willing to help troubleshoot the problem because of the age of the
    newsreader. Does anyone have a technical explanation for what may be
    going on with the inability to post? The MTUs on my router are set to
    1492, since the broadband connection is DSL.

    I've tried to switch to other newsreaders, including X-News, Forte Agent
    (both versions), Outlook Express, and Thunderbird. I even offered to pay
    someone to make a modification to Thunderbird for me. The modification
    would be a very easy one for someone who knows how to do that sort of
    thing. I've heard that there are newsreaders that allow you to create
    custom macro-driven toolbars. That approach might work, but I have not
    been able to find out when newsreader has that functionality.

    If I recall, Thunderbird has the functionality I want as a keyboard
    shortcut, but I want it is a toolbar button. After all, "PC" stands for
    PERSONAL computer!

    mcp6453, Sep 10, 2004
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  2. mcp6453

    Dave Guest

    Outlook express has the same button. You just have to add it by customizing
    the tool bar. The button is labeled "next unread".
    Dave, Sep 10, 2004
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