Problem using Linksys USB Bluetooth Adaptor

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Mark W, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. Mark W

    Mark W Guest

    I'm not sure if this is the place to ask this but I was hoping I'd
    find some help here.
    I just purchased two Linksys USBBT100 USB Bluetooth Adaptors recently,
    one to use with my desktop, the other with my laptop. I do plan to use
    these eventually to sync with a PocketPC but for now my main use it to
    connect to a Motorola V551 Bluetooth Phone to use it as a wireless
    modem for the internet.
    I installed the unit in the laptop first with the installation CD and
    it worked perfectly.
    Second, I installed the other unit in my desktop with the installation
    CD but with no luck. It would not find the phone at all although the
    phone was found by the laptop. At that time I went into the knowledge
    base on the Linksys web site and saw about special instructions for
    using it with SP2. I printed out these instructions and followed
    them. BOth of the above computers have XP with SP2. At that time it
    still would not work on the desktop.
    I decided since this update is probably important for using it with
    SP2 I made the changes on my laptop as well. The laptop originally
    worked with this adaptor but with the changes it no longer worked. I
    could go back to the old way but I do like all the new menus, options,
    etc. I get with the changes for SP2.
    My question, what could I possibly be doing wrong? The only thing I
    can think of is with the laptop I remember when I first installed the
    driver there was a pull down menu to add com ports and I added com4.
    On the Desktop with the install at first I tried to add com ports but
    it had none in the list. Now though with the SP2 changes it does show
    com9 active and after it didn't work I added a com10 and com11 as
    well. I would appreciate any help with this.
    Mark W, Mar 21, 2005
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