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Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by flash, Jul 26, 2003.

  1. flash

    flash Guest

    I have a wired home network currently with 3 pcs in my upstairs office
    (including the "main" pc) and have recently added a further pc, which is
    only being used for multimedia and is connected to my tv in downstairs

    They are all linked to the network using a Lynksis 4 port router (which
    also connects to my broadband modem) and I have complete access to all the
    pcs from each other, so its working well.

    The problem I am getting is playing mpeg or avi files stored on my main pc
    - they play fine through the 2 adjacent pcs but the multimedia plays the
    files very jerkily and the sound and video eventually go out of sync.

    This appears to improve on second playing as if its a cache/buffer
    problem. I use Power DVD as my main player but have also tried playing
    through every other player I could find (including windows media and I
    changed the buffer) but none play any better

    The cable is 65 feet, although I don't see why that should make a

    All the pcs are running XP Pro. The multimedia pc is running a Cougar pci
    video card and I am wondering whether that is the problem (the others all
    have agp Nvidia or Radeon cards).

    Any help or suggestions would be welcome.


    flash, Jul 26, 2003
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