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Discussion in 'Firefox' started by hbmath, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. hbmath

    hbmath Guest


    I've used mozilla for over a year and haven't had problems printing
    tables...though I don't do this very often so am not sure when
    this started, nor whether it's related to my having installed Mozilla
    1.4 last month. Symptoms:

    * When "border" is on in a table, it prints out a very very thin hard to see border

    * I thought it might be my printer is low on ink, but went into IE and
    it worked fine...beautiful printout with clear crisp dark lines separating
    the cells of my table (e.g. )

    * I just re-installed Mozilla 1.4 and it is still doing it.

    * Last data point is that, as mentioned above, identical
    html files printed fine from mozilla.

    So either I screwed something up deep within the bowels
    of my "preferences"...which I looked but didn't see anyting
    obvious to change in my settings...or else this is a problem with 1.4 or ..?

    Thanks in advance for any tips..

    dreading the increase in spam email this one post will cause...

    P.S. While I'm posting...sometimes when I bring up Preferences
    (alt-E alt-E) the dialgue window which pops up is not centered right
    on the screen, so the "ok" button is not visible...(and carriage-return
    does not work in its place) so I can't change anything, have to
    close the window and try that a known bug..?)
    hbmath, Aug 23, 2003
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