Problem posting to this group!!

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by R. Giggs., Oct 27, 2012.

  1. R. Giggs.

    R. Giggs. Guest

    I am having problems posting here, my short tret message got through but
    anything significantly longer is not being sent!!
    R. Giggs., Oct 27, 2012
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  2. R. Giggs.

    R. Giggs. Guest

    Trying a bit longer post-

    I do have a .found on that drive but nothing is dated to suggest it was
    recovered recently, but maybe it uses the original dates of the files, but
    the .found
    folder is dated 29/8/12.

    Note there is no .found folder on my current C: drive, it is on the bad
    drive, which
    is on as slave and thus called G: in that position.
    R. Giggs., Oct 27, 2012
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  3. R. Giggs.

    Robert Baer Guest

    Methinks CHKDSK creates things like this from lost clusters and other
    "baddies",so it is no wonder that your bad drive shows "recovered" junk.
    The files are always incomplete and unusable; i have found it is 101%
    safe to delete them and then a "good idea" as Mrtha stewart used to say,
    to do a defrag - - and THEN run Spinrite minimum level 2.
    Copy what you need from that bad drive and trash it yesterday.
    Robert Baer, Oct 30, 2012
  4. R. Giggs.

    R. Giggs. Guest

    Thanks, I don't think the lost (and found files are too important) the dates
    on them
    are old. I don't have spinrite and I don't think it is worth me getting it
    as I don't know
    of any valuable files lost.
    It seems all the data is there, I put the drive in a USB caddy and have
    extracted all the data
    off it (I hope!!), I am pretty sure I have all the data I need anyway. THe
    drive onoly had a few
    months worth of data one it really as I cloned the drive from a my previous
    main drive about
    2 months earlier so there was not really much new data on it and as I said I
    have basically
    recovered al the data on it, at least I don't know of anything missing.
    THe only thing I had a problem with were some files with very long file
    names, about
    8-9 folders in depth,w hich I recovered anyway by shortening files names.

    So I stil have the drive, and a back up of the data, I won't trash it yet,
    no point really
    but I won't be using it for anything important. Iwill just keep it to play
    around with.
    Most of the drive seems OK, it's only on the last 10% of scan that errors
    crop up.
    I am currenly running another scan but they take a very long time with it
    being external on a slow
    USB 2.0 connection.

    I'd like to investigate the problem with it in that if it is in the machine
    it seems to prevent it
    booting even when itis not the boot drive.
    So things I might try are , conencting it as a SATA drive (I have an IDE -
    SATA conversion kit).
    defragging it, and reformating it and seeingif any of those help at all.
    R. Giggs., Nov 2, 2012
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