Problem logging on a Catalyst 4503

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by, Dec 4, 2006.

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    Hi, I'm trying to configure logging on a syslog server running on a
    unix box from a Cisco 4503 with IOS 12.2:

    catalyst_pi#show version
    Cisco IOS Software, Catalyst 4000 L3 Switch Software (cat4000-I9S-M),
    Version 12 .2(25)EWA6, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)
    Technical Support:
    Copyright (c) 1986-2006 by Cisco Systems, Inc.
    Compiled Fri 02-Jun-06 15:20 by ssearch
    Image text-base: 0x10000000, data-base: 0x114ED458

    ROM: 12.2(20r)EW1
    Dagobah Revision 225, Swamp Revision 4

    catalyst_pi uptime is 1 week, 4 days, 41 minutes
    System returned to ROM by power-on
    System image file is "bootflash:cat4000-i9s-mz.122-25.EWA6.bin"

    cisco WS-C4503 (MPC8245) processor (revision 4) with 262144K bytes of
    Processor board ID FOX100803UW
    MPC8245 CPU at 267Mhz, Supervisor II+TS
    Last reset from PowerUp
    2 Virtual Ethernet interfaces
    116 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
    511K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory.

    Configuration register is 0x2102

    Logging is configured as follows:

    logging syslog_server_ip
    logging trap debugging

    #show logging
    Syslog logging: enabled (0 messages dropped, 1 messages rate-limited, 7
    flushes, 0 overruns, xml disabled, filtering disabled)
    Console logging: level debugging, 125 messages logged, xml
    filtering disabled
    Monitor logging: level debugging, 16 messages logged, xml disabled,
    filtering disabled
    Buffer logging: level debugging, 33 messages logged, xml disabled,
    filtering disabled
    Exception Logging: size (8192 bytes)
    Count and timestamp logging messages: disabled
    Trap logging: level debugging, 505 message lines logged
    Logging to syslog_server_ip, 7 message lines logged, xml
    filtering disabled

    Log Buffer (4096 bytes):

    1w3d: %SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from console by vty0 (ip_terminal)

    I tryed many other combinations of settings with the same result:

    On syslog server I only see this log lines:
    Dec 1 10:23:38 catalyst.ip 491: 1w4d: %SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from
    console by vty0 (ip_terminal)

    Enabling logging on vty (logging monitor debugging; terminal
    monitor) I see exactly the same logs.

    # show logging

    syslog.conf is configured as follows:
    *.* /var/log/catalyst.log

    in tcpdump I see peckets arriving from the catalyst only when something
    is actually logged. So
    nothing else arrives to syslog server.
    I'm interested in logging at informational level, I configured debug
    logging for testing purposes..

    Where am I wrong?

, Dec 4, 2006
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