Problem: Downloaded Divx films have very quiet sound

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by silverderren, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. silverderren

    silverderren Guest

    A whole bunch of films I have downloaded recently have very quiet
    sound, which I can just about hear but only if I turn the volume up to
    the max. Why does this happen? Do I need a new codec or something.

    silverderren, Mar 4, 2006
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  2. silverderren

    Jimmy Dean Guest

    In Control Panel, Sounds, is device volume at max? If it is then:

    mp3 or AC3?

    If the latter, open AC3 filter (should be in Control Panel) and check
    that gain is set to maximum.

    If mp3, a free util called mp3Gain can increase volume without loss of
    quality. You need to demux the mp3, increase the volume, then remux.
    Use NanDub 1.0rc2 (another freebie).

    Jimmy Dean, Mar 5, 2006
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  3. wrote in

    Actually, you need to post enough information so that someone can
    understand the problem if you really want help or an answer.

    Last time I checked, .avi files don't have any sound until you play them
    in something...

    WMP9 is giving me fits right now playing XviD's. It's a late-breaking
    development. The video just freezes but the soundtrack continues likes
    everything's O.K.

    I had a similar problem as yours with DVD's and Cyberlink's player -
    either no sound, intermittant sound, or very muffled sound, but perfect

    Could be your player's sound config.

    Turns out I was putting the DVD images on another drive. OS and players
    on C:\ but movie images were downloaded and stored on E:\ . Solved it by
    moving the target image to C:\ and then the player didn't have problems.

    Also, your sound cards and/or speaker config (in Control Panel > Sounds
    and Audio Devices , the little loudspeaker icon) could have become

    Could be CoDec issues, doesn't hurt to flash with the latest DivX and
    XviD, and get the latest AC3 audio codec (but most avi's use MP3 sound).

    Got OGG? Could be a problem. Sometimes it's buggy and effects existing
    config's, depending on the authors...

    So many possibilities, so little time...

    Depending on yours, could be almost any.

    Bucky Breeder, Mar 5, 2006
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