Problem accessing Belkin modem/router settings

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Gordon, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. Gordon

    Gordon Guest

    I have tried to set up a peer-to-peer WLAN using a Belkin ADSL Modem with
    Wireless g Router connected via an ethernet port to my desktop and a Belkin
    Wireless g Notebook Network card in my laptop. I do not have broadband as
    yet and use dial-up access from my desktop for internet access. Both
    machines are running XP Home.

    I did succeed in getting this working and can access files in the shared
    drives on each computer from the other conmputer. I can also access the
    internet OK from the laptop using the desktop dial-up connection over the

    I then decided to set security on.

    The manual states I should enter in an Internet Explorer address
    bar to access the router settings, which I did originally to set it up and
    was successful. Now, however, when I do this, I get a Page Not Found. I
    have tried various things unsuccessfully.

    If I ping the IP, I either get a "Destination host is unreachable" if I have
    not established an internet connection or a "Request timed out" message if I
    have dialled up and connected to the internet. I have tried resetting the
    router to the factory defaults, but still get the same results.

    The manual says to clear "Automatically detect Settings", "Use Automatic
    configuration script" and "Use a proxy server" in Internet options for the
    LAN Settings. If I do this, IE just closes itself and when I reopen it, any
    changes I made have been lost.

    Can anybody help me to get access to the router settings so that I can get
    everything working again and switch security on?
    Gordon, Mar 27, 2005
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  2. First of all to reset many routers you are required to hold down the reset
    button for a minute. This seems like a strange design but I would try
    holding down this button for a minute or so and then see if the factory
    defaults are reset... Otherwise you can always know what the IP address of
    your router is by opening up a command window and typing ipconfig. Your
    router's IP address will be the address of your default gateway.

    Also to access the web page of your route you may have to make sure that all
    the settings in IE are cleared. To do this open up IE and go to tools,
    internet options, connections, LAN settings... make sure everything is
    unchecked on this page and then click ok.

    Jeff Baziuk
    Microsoft Corporation

    This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties,
    and confers no rights.
    Jeff Baziuk [MSFT], Mar 31, 2005
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