Probably a stupid question, but:

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Old Enough, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. Old Enough

    Old Enough Guest

    There are issues with FF3.
    In another thread the matter of bookmarks in brought up.

    Myself, I have a problem with some cookies I like to protect - mainly
    the ones that allow me to have all the log-in information for my
    banking site come up EXCEPT THE PASSWORD.

    I have had no problems with FF that I am aware of.
    I see nothing in FF 3 (so far) that I can't live without.
    The stupid question: Why shouldn't I remove FF 3, and reinstall FF 2?
    After all, all "improvements" are not necessarily improvements.
    Old Enough
    to know I don't know a thing ....
    Old Enough, Jun 18, 2008
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  2. Old Enough

    Rom Guest

    I don't necessarily disagree with you, tried Fx3 betas and RCs myself
    but have a few different issues to you, decided to not upgrade to Fx3
    and stay with Fx2 for a while (mainly because of lack of support in Fx
    and extension issues), but will eventually move to Fx3something or
    another browser.

    Have you given Fx3 enough time for you to get used to it and to see if
    there is some way to resolve your problem?

    I think of going back to Fx2 as a backward step and a temporary move,
    as support for Fx2 will only last about six months, so eventually need
    to move to Fx3 or another browser with support for patches etc.

    I'm not sure about this or if it's necessary, but thinking if you
    uninstall Fx3 (keeping profile data) then reinstall Fx2, I'd tend to
    also 'clean up' the 'leftover' Fx3 files from the profile because if
    you later decide to upgrade to Fx3, data since going back to Fx2 may
    not be migrated to Fx3 again. Having a backup of the Fx2 profile to
    drop in place would be better.
    Rom, Jun 19, 2008
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  3. the cookie settings in FF 3 are the same as in FF2. So,
    whatever settings you could do in 2 you can do the same in 3.

    *IMPORTANT*: Sorry folks, but I cannot provide email help!!!!

    Warning: Private emails sent to me may become public

    Peter Potamus & His Magic Flying Balloon:
    Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo, Jun 19, 2008
  4. Old Enough

    Old Enough Guest

    Thanks for your insights, Rom and Peter.

    I have decided for now to go back to version 2.
    Yes, I had a copy of my profile in v. 2 saved, so going back was a

    I'll keep monitoring this group closely - perhaps in a few months I'll
    try v. 3 again.
    Old Enough
    to know I don't know a thing ....
    Old Enough, Jun 20, 2008
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