Printing from one PC to printer on another takes forever

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guest, Apr 15, 2006.

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    We have three PCs and a laptop on a wireless network.

    We have D-Link DWL G520+ PCI Adapters on the PCs and a Linksys USB adapter
    on the laptop. They communicate through a Linksys Broadband Gateway.

    Previously there was a dial up connection with a D-Link Wireless Access
    Point. At that time we had PC1 and the laptop running Windows XP HE and PC2
    and PC3 running Windows 98SE.

    We had great problems with the link breaking down both to the internet and
    to the printer (Epson R200) which is connected to PC1 by USB.

    Our supplier told us that the PCs were old and worn out and if they were
    upgraded and running XP everything would be fine.

    We eventually succumbed and all are on Windows XP HE.

    Everything is fine apart from being able to print PC2. Small documents -
    say, a few lines of a Word doc or a small email print out OK but if it is
    something of any size then it takes forever. For example printing a 165kB PDF
    file can take over 45 minutes. The printer dialogue box showed the status as
    Printing...Spooling and the size as anything up to about 9mB before it
    printed out. That's if you are lucky - sometimes it will not print at all. It
    seems to be the same whatever program you are using.

    However, if you open the same document via the wireless link in PC1 and
    print from there it will print within seconds.

    PC 1, PC2 and PC3 are about eight feet apart (on apexes of a triangle) and
    the Linksys Gateway is about six feet above PC2.

    This has now gone on for months and I cannot get any sense - can somebody
    help please?
    Guest, Apr 15, 2006
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