Printer Sharing over a Small Network

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guest, Dec 7, 2004.

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    I am the owner of a small home network, consisting of a Netgear wireless
    router attached to a cable modem, a desktop connected to the router via
    ethernet cable, a desktop connected via wireless, and two labtops, connected
    via wireless. All computers are running Windows XP. The wired desktop has
    two hp inkjet printers attached to it via LPT and USB, and the wireless
    desktop has a black and white NEC laser printer attached to it via LPT. All
    printers are shared.
    The network used to be fine, with file sharing and printer sharing enabled.
    Recently, the wireless desktop's hard drive was reformatted, and Windows was
    reinstalled. Both file sharing and printer sharing have been enabled. File
    sharing works fine, however there is a problem with the printer. The labtops
    can print to the ethernet desktop, but they cannot print to the wireless
    desktop. The eternet desktop cannot print to the wireless desktop either.
    The wireless desktop can print to the NEC laser attached to it, but it cannot
    print to the wired desktop's printers.
    The wireless conection for the desktop has "Client for Micrisift WIndows",
    "File and Print sharing for Microsoft Windows", and "Internet Protocol
    (TCP/IP)" enabled. The internet works fine on all the computers. Because I
    am running Norton Internest Security and Firewall 2004, on the wireless
    desktop, the windows firewall is disabled. The other computer are running
    protection software as follows: Wired Desktop is running McAfee Security
    Center 2004. The two labtops are running Norton Internet Security 2005. The
    router also has its own firewall. All the software firewalls are configured
    to allow complete access to all computers on the local network.
    If someone can think of a reason why the wireless desktop cannot receive or
    send print documents to the other printers on the network, it would be very
    much appreciated. Thankyou in advance for your help.

    I would like to add that the wireless desktop
    sees the printers attached to the other computers and the other computers see
    the printer attached to it, but when printing is attempted an error message
    occurs, and I must manually cancel the document from the print Queue.
    Guest, Dec 7, 2004
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