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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Tony Cooper, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. Tony Cooper

    Robert Coe Guest

    Le 26/12/13 07:10, Savageduck a écrit :
    : > I am telling Noelle that the OSX upgrade FUD she is experiencing
    : > regarding printer drivers is unfounded.
    : May be they have done it now, after all those years ?
    : Unbeleivable but may be...
    : > There are however a handful of applications which do not have OSX 10.9
    : > support and have been left to whither on the vine by their developers,
    : > or have new compliant versions. So, if there is a vital piece of
    : > software that she uses it would be best to check support.
    : > Among usenet Mac users the most common of these now dead apps is MTNW.
    : > What I lost was my 2003 edition of MS Office X which does not run on my
    : > upgraded machine.
    : > ...but if I need any of the Office suite, Word, etc I have a copy of XP
    : > Pro SP2, with Office which runs just fine under VMWare Fusion on this Mac.
    : >
    : > Another solution for Noelle would be to install the OSX upgrade on a
    : > separate partition and just boot whichever version might be needed. You
    : > can do that with a Mac.
    : Already have leopard on another partition because my calibrationg device
    : (eye-one 2 display) had no drivers for 64 bit systems and this was
    : playinh havoc with the custom made profiles.
    : Thank you for your help...Even if I think that now, the best solution is
    : having your prints done in some good lab, if you can find one around.
    : There distance play a great role.

    Those of us who live or work near a large city get spoiled. There's a very
    good lab five subway stops from my office.

    Robert Coe, Dec 28, 2013
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