Prevent Firefox from reloading a page ?

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Ron Duval, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. Ron Duval

    Ron Duval Guest

    I surf offline with Firefox 1.0.

    On the site (french language), I click say on 2 or 3 lines
    in the middle of the screen to see the stock exchange news. Then I
    After approximately 5 mn, the pages try to reload themselves automatically,
    which leads to the xul error page saying it is impossible to establish the

    Is there anyway to block this behaviour? I tried to block javascripts,
    tweaked about:config with cache frequency checking, or all the timeout
    parameters. Nothing did it.

    It happened with Opera, too, but Opera just showed a dialog box and did not
    empty the pages. With Firefox, I have to reconnect and reload every 5 mn,
    which is very inconvenient.
    Ron Duval, Jan 11, 2005
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  2. Ron Duval

    MLC Guest

    _Ron Duval_, martedì 11/gen/2005:
    Did you try to set Firefox offline?
    File - Work Offline
    I think this should prevent FF from trying to refresh the page.

    Then, if you get bored to have to use the menu everytime, there is an
    extension to show a button on the status bar to connect/disconnect:
    "Work Offline"
    MLC, Jan 11, 2005
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  3. Ron Duval

    Ron Duval Guest

    It seems to work, but ... not really!

    If you switch to offline, FF stops refreshing pages, which is OK. However,
    if you need to view a new page (clicking a link for instance from outlook
    express), you need to connect even for a short time, and then the frozen
    pages try to refresh again. However, they never get displayed again and FF
    keeps running. All you get are the error pages with "Connection Failure
    Error". And you can't get the pages back from the cache.

    I can't find the solution. Is there any timeout parameter that I could
    increase anywhere ? Is there a way to get the pages back from the cache ?
    Or is there a way to definitely block this reloading mechanisn as soon as a
    page is displayed ?
    Ron Duval, Jan 11, 2005
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