Press Release: Scalable SIP Proxy and RTP Media Proxy for NAT traversal

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    Press Release: LanScape Corporation delivers its fully scalable Voice
    over IP session and media proxy server software to the world wide VOIP

    Product URLS:

    Minneapolis, Minnesota - (January 3, 2006) LanScape Corporation
    announced this week that it will be offering it's General purpose
    scalable SIP proxy and scalable RTP media proxy server software
    solutions to the general world wide VOIP marketplace. With LanScape's
    scalable VOIP server software, you can deploy SIP/RTP VOIP domains and
    networks while at the same time overcoming all per-to-peer session and
    media issues related to traversing Network Address Translation (NAT)

    LanScape's VOIP server software consists of two primary server
    applications: The LanScape Centrex Proxy Server™ - A full featured
    SIP proxy server, and the LanScape VOIP Media Proxy™ - A high
    performance RTP media proxy. End users can deploy a single SIP proxy
    and one or more RTP media proxies as they require or multiple SIP
    proxies (sharing the same registrar database) with one or more RTP
    media proxies. The deployment combinations of SIP proxies and RTP media
    proxies are not limited in any way. Any scalable combination is

    The SIP Session Proxy:
    LanScape Centrex Proxy Server™ is a full featured SIP compliant
    session proxy. Designed for all versions of Microsoft Windows. The
    Centrex Proxy Server™ software is responsible for the setup and
    teardown of VOIP call sessions and the management of the VOIP domain.

    The LanScape Centrex Proxy Server™ is easy to deploy and use and
    incorporates an intuitive GUI interface and a series of simple
    configuration dialogs. The Centrex Proxy Server™ has many required
    and useful VOIP features such as: Real time call processing/logging,
    integrated Denial of Service (DOS) attack prevention, full control over
    network settings, programmable call processing time outs, integrated
    SIP registrar support, simple to complex sequential call routing
    capabilities, Global iNet™ user account login capability, supports
    one or more LanScape VOIP Media Proxies, integrated WAN and IP/NAT
    detection, Custom user Plug-in DLL to modify received and transmitted
    SIP protocol information (full C++ source code supplied), control over
    event logging and SIP message logging and full challenge handshake
    authentication using the MD5 algorithm for security.

    Also of great importance is the ability of the LanScape Centrex Proxy
    Server™ to perform complex SIP protocol packet, IP address and port
    fix-ups. The Centrex Proxy Server™ automatically detects SIP protocol
    packet errors and attempts to correct SIP protocol packet information.
    With this capability, NAT traversal is possible and ill-behaving SIP
    devices can still be used in the VOIP domain. Until now, this complex
    capability has only been available in expensive 3rd party dedicated
    session border controllers and session boundary controllers. Now all
    you need is a single LanScape Centrex Proxy Server™ and one LanScape
    VOIP Media Proxy™ to achieve the same results. This will save
    thousands of dollars when deploying your next VOIP network or domain.
    Also, when you use LanScape's server products, media proxying is only
    applied to VOIP phone calls if it is absolutely needed to ensure the
    exchange of voice data.

    The RTP Media Proxy:
    The LanScape VOIP Media Proxy™ is a high performance RTP media proxy.
    This server software is used in conjunction with one or more LanScape
    Centrex Proxy Servers. The primary reason to deploy the media proxy is
    to overcome VOIP media related issues due to Network Address
    Translation (NAT) existing in the network environment. When you build
    your VOIP domain around LanScape's session and media proxy solutions,
    you are able to overcome all session (SIP) and media (RTP) issues
    related to NAT.

    Also of importance is the fact that the LanScape VOIP Media Proxy™
    server has been designed so that it is RTP media payload independent.
    This means that as new lower bit rate codec capabilities are used in
    your VOIP domain, your investment in your RTP media proxying
    capabilities remain unaffected. The LanScape VOIP Media Proxy™ server
    can handle any current and future RTP media stream or payload type.

    Randal J. Ziegler, Chief technical officer at LanScape Corporation
    stated: "Our customers have continuously requested that we offer a full
    featured and simple NAT traversal solution that makes their VOIP
    network deployments fast, simple and easy. Our customer base had begun
    to develop a growing frustration with overly complex "open source"
    offerings and most of the other higher cost 3rd party solutions that
    are currently available.

    They also needed a clean, scalable Windows based session and media NAT
    traversal solution they could use when they deploy their LanScape VOIP
    Media Engine™ developed products and services to their customers.

    The product pilot programs we conducted in 2005 with a subset of our
    customers indeed showed us that we could achieve the required
    capability at a very favorable cost target.

    With LanScape's VOIP server software, deploying a new scalable VOIP
    domain is truly easy. If you already know how to setup an email server,
    you will have no problem deploying your very own SIP/RTP VOIP domain or
    network. Actually, setting up a new VOIP domain is simpler.

    One of our goals at LanScape is to make available VOIP solutions that
    anyone can use. We also want to create products that will generate
    enthusiasm for this technology and play a role in the next generation
    of VOIP capabilities that will eventually appear in the market.

    The introduction of LanScape's VOIP server products to the marketplace
    further acts to level the playing field. You no longer have to procure
    a large team of telephony specific developers or contractors to develop
    and deploy your VOIP based product or service."

    To obtain complete information on LanScape Corporation, LanScape's
    Centrex Proxy Server™ or the LanScape VOIP Media Proxy™ server,
    please visit us on the web at:

    About LanScape Corporation:
    LanScape's focus is to deliver high quality solutions oriented network
    voice products. Our product offerings primarily address the needs of
    Voice over IP communications in addition to other network based
    telecommunications infrastructures. We market our technology directly
    to corporate customers and indirectly to consumer market sectors.

    Randal J Ziegler, CTO
    LanScape Corporation
    Phone: 952-943-8252
    Note: LanScape Corporation web sites are iNet SpeedDial™ telephony
    enabled allowing you to place phone calls to us directly via the web.

    sales, Jan 3, 2006
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  2. sales

    sales Guest

    Dear VOIP community,

    We wanted to update this newgroup post with additional information
    regarding the release of the LanScape Centrex Proxy SIP server and
    LanScape VOIP Media Proxy server solutions:

    As of 1-23-06, SIP/RTP Voice and Video are now supported.

    We have now completed the latest release of these LanScape VOIP server
    products and they now include full support for both voice and video.
    All the capabilities these VOIP servers offered for voice media streams
    are now supported for video. Each VOIP call our server's process can
    have up to 128 defined media streams (Usually a voice and video SIP
    call has 1 voice media stream and 1 video media stream).

    If you want to see the updated product Press Release, please go to the
    following URL: Releases/ProxyServerPressRelease.asp

    We also want to mention that we have completed testing with the latest
    release of the Xten (CounterPath) eyeBeam voice and video sofft phone.
    You can use the eyeBeam voice and vido capabilities with our server
    products "right out of the box".

    If you have further questions, please visit our web site located at:

    Thank you and happy VOIPing!

    LanScape Sales staff
    sales, Jan 23, 2006
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