Preserve custom searchplugins by about:config/prefs.js relocate?

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Splibbilla, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. Splibbilla

    Splibbilla Guest

    just an idea... leading to question:

    can we preserve custom searchplugins by resetting default location of all searchplugins... store our src's in a folder (1)

    and resetting that path in *some* variable using about:config.. and about:config would store the path in prefs.js ..

    and since prefs.js are in Proflies,they will not be overwritten when update/reinstall firefox|Mozilla|Gecko.

    possibly there are other files, besides src's, that some users would like to preserve when installing ff/moz updates.

    i should take some time... google this.. poke in my computer... especially since i think i was experimenting with this by setting
    paths to searchplugins with a custom prefsbar item... but i'm running low on time... 'scuse me..:)

    1 maybe store src's in Profiles folder.. especially good if our Profiles folder is already conveniently backed up.

    Usually java off, js on. If can, choose Bookmarklet rather than XPI, to reduce 'bloat'. Update often.
    1 WinXp,Ff1.0.2 GoogleBar(XPI-rimental), Sage, PrefBar, Tabbrowser Preferences, CopyURL, IEView, and???
    2 WinMe 2a Ff1.0.2 GoogleBar(XPI-rimental), Sage,PrefBar, and???
    2b Moziilla, Gecko/20041217, all profiles: GoogleBar(XPI-rimental),PrefBar,bugmenot,,, and???CopyURL, IEView.
    Could GoogleBar "merge" with (added) SrcChooser in PrefBar? (v. 3.1, build date 20050208)
    Splibbilla, Apr 9, 2005
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