PrepLogic practice Exam included with 70-316 Kalani Book

Discussion in 'MCSD' started by Collin Heggerud, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. A few months ago there were a couple threads inquiring about the relevance
    of the PrepLogic exams, I wrote exam 70-316 earlier today and thought I
    would add my comments (but I can't find the original threads).

    I studied using the Amit Kalani MCAD/MCSD book for exam 70-316. I was able
    to answer most of the questions in the chapters and the practice exam at the
    end of the book. However, when I installed the PrepLogic CD that came with
    the book, I was completely frustrated. I got 29% on the PrepLogic exam on
    Monday (admittedly by the end I was pretty half-hearted about the whole
    thing), yet today (Wednesday) I wrote the Microsoft Certification exam and
    received an 872 (700 is a pass). I had hardly studied in between. Clearly
    the PrepLogic exams are far too difficult relative to the Microsoft
    Certification exam.

    I did find the questions a little harder than those in the Kalani book, but
    nothing like the PrepLogic exam. I consider the time I spent on the
    PrepLogic exam the biggest waste of all my time studying for this exam. It
    was very discouraging. In fact, if the real exam had been like the
    PrepLogic exam I was going to not bother with the certification at all since
    they were clearly testing mundane details that weren't a real test of one's
    ability with .Net.

    Elsewhere I had seen it reported that the MeasureUp, SelfTest and
    Transcender exams were the best. I only tried the demo on the MeasureUp
    test, but would say it was reasonably similar to the actual exam questions
    (as much as I can tell in 10 questions).

    I had also read that the Kalani book was too heavily weighted on the
    Controls. Maybe, as measured by pages versus questions, however, there were
    a few questions that required some of the fine details covered in the
    Controls section. For instance, question 38 in the Kalani Practice Exam
    (regarding 4 controls with event handlers) requires knowledge of the event
    parameters passed to the event handlers, certainly I did see a question
    requiring this level of knowledge.

    I will comment that I scored worst on the "Consuming and Manipulating Data"
    section of the exam, I wish I had reviewed Chapter 6 of the Kalani book in
    detail the night before. Practice above and beyond Chapter 6 would have
    been helpful as well.

    Collin Heggerud, Apr 15, 2004
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  2. Collin Heggerud

    Lord2702 Guest

    Colin, My response is also the same, I took this exam in August, in Practice
    exam from book, I did very well, but exam on CD it was 55%, but I still I
    continue to my exam, and it was first MS exam, and did it success, in those
    days, before, September, you don't get the score, only, PASS. But if you go
    to your next exams, specially, 70-229, and 70-300, for which no books, are
    available, I mean good books, like Kalani, which will prepare you for the
    exam. I wish you good luck to your future exams. Keep it UP.
    Lord2702, Apr 15, 2004
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  3. Collin Heggerud


    Jun 26, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Isn't it a GOOD thing that the Preplogic questions were harder than the real exam? I mean, imo, I'd rather learn more than I have to and deal with low scores on a practice text than get a really high score on a practice test and bomb the real one. I studied for my CCNA with Preplogic's study materials including the practice test, and when I took the real exam I absolutely killed it. I credit Preplogic with teaching me what I need to know to do my job, not just pass my exam.
    Subat3, Jun 26, 2009
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