Preparing for MCSD .NET with Visual Studio 6

Discussion in 'MCSD' started by Maria, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. Maria

    Maria Guest

    I want to prepare for the MCSD .NET exam, but I only have
    access to Visual Studio 6. How different is Visual Studio
    6 from Visual Studio .NET?

    Maria, Feb 9, 2005
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  2. Maria

    Ivan Belov Guest

    Very much.

    Basically, there is no .NET in VS v6, which sort of make it pointless using
    it for MCSD.NET preparation.

    /Ivan Belov/
    Ivan Belov, Feb 9, 2005
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  3. Maria

    Eric Guest

    Aside form the languages and tools being completely different, there
    are a lot of similarities.
    Eric, Feb 10, 2005
  4. Maria

    saurabh Guest

    For a start the name is same "Visual Studio" secondly the look and feel is
    kind of similar and thirdly.... can't think of anything
    saurabh, Feb 11, 2005
  5. Hi Maria,

    If you're asking this question, you shouldn't pass the MCSD.NET exam.

    I'm sorry it's not encouraging today.
    Mike [MCP VB], Feb 11, 2005
  6. Maria

    Herbert Yu Guest

    Hi Maria,

    Do your best to get one of Visual Studio .NET (V7.0) or Visual Studio .NET
    2003 (V7.1) or Visual Studio 2005 (V8.0) for MCSD.NET exam.

    Visual Studio 6 is a very good product. A lot products are still using it
    for development, but for .NET exam, you have to use above software, or...
    even .NET SDK is better than Visual studio 6. And .NET SDK is a free one!
    You can get some feeling before you try more C# code.

    Actually ".NET Framework Software Development Kit Version 1.1" and "platform
    SDK" have included a lot, if not all, microsoft core knowledge. above IDE
    only give you some kind convenience. I hope you feel better for the life
    without expensive new studio.

    Hope helps

    Herbert Yu
    Herbert Yu, Feb 14, 2005
  7. Visual Studio 6 is a very good product.


    Kline Sphere (Chalk) MCNGP #3
    The Poster Formerly Known as Kline Sphere, Feb 15, 2005
  8. Maria

    ali Guest

    this is very scary. very very scary.
    ali, Feb 19, 2005
  9. Maria

    Alistair Guest

    No more or less so than "Where I can find brain dump for
    70-***. Ur assist great appreciate."

    Now where was I ... Oh yes, would you like fries with that?
    Alistair, Feb 20, 2005
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