Premature Piece of Garbage

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Marshalx, May 29, 2006.

  1. Marshalx

    Marshalx Guest

    dont forget ive got plenty of "batteries" here jane,
    why not come over and show me your "bits" ?

    can u explain that u actually "need" 64,
    and that it runs "better /faster /more "powerfully" ?
    i doubt it.

    and also that u do NOT need all the dozens of other
    useful peripherals that do not supply Drivers ?
    i doubt that even more :)
    Marshalx, May 30, 2006
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  2. Marshalx

    Marshalx Guest

    yes miss "loves it", but i assume you are talking about a bought
    which "works" yes (so does mine), but to which you have NOT yet tried
    connecting much else. so you wont stay "amazed" for too long !!
    Marshalx, May 30, 2006
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  3. Marshalx

    Marshalx Guest

    ive got a bicycle that "works" dennis, but i prefer driving
    the merc. we were promised a "Better /faster /more "powerful"
    system wernt we. so where is it ?
    that is Pragmatic Existential REALISM, not "cynicism".
    but i dont want to depress any kind people trying to "help",
    just reminding you that (contrary to the xtians) forgiving and
    helping the devil is NOT better than helping proper people !
    Marshalx, May 30, 2006
  4. Marshalx

    Marshalx Guest

    ***"task" in your first sentence means "route to a solution" given by
    someone who has seen the "problem" and also seen a possible "route" to
    its solution, plus is rich enough to pay someonelse to do the work;
    then AFTER having started on the work, the slaves then start to see
    what the problem was in the first place. "task" in your second
    sentence implies that the slaves were not smart enought to have seen
    either the problem nor the "route" to its solution until Paid to think
    about it. As for them being "the same people", that would
    usually (in the realm of intelligent slaves) normally be due to Nobody
    offering any MONEY to come up with solutions for problems which are
    obvious, but nobody can be bothered to solve UNLESS you pay them first.
    But your "solution" is contradictory to your opening premise; since
    theres no point handing out problems with no money, to slaves who may
    well not have enough brains to plan a "route" anyway. Now MS have
    enough money and they have enough brains, BUT they are still NOT
    attending to "the problem", so heres a question for Tony : why dyou
    think that is ? also dont forget to assure us that you personally
    "need" 64tits (oh sorry jane), and that YOUR wonderful laptop really is
    "better /faster /more "powerful" than XP.
    Marshalx, May 30, 2006
  5. Marshalx

    Guest Guest

    For over one year, this distinguished community has been the home for
    helping each other and ease the transition to Windows XP x64.
    Problems have been posted, many of them have been worked out.
    Drivers were asked, many of them were found.
    I don't quite see how you fit here.
    So far your messages have been reaching the boundaries of mockery, fanatic
    religions, and metaphoric messages.
    Please specify more cleary what do you need from us or how can we help you.
    Guest, May 30, 2006
  6. Marshalx

    Marshalx Guest

    ***but dennis, YOU did not "put together" those 2 compaqs, and you
    STILL have not shown WHY win64 "was for you" / "better" than XP. You
    didnt need to find drivers, since HP and the clever chinese had already
    fitted them for you. IF you actually built your 2 towers yourself (?)
    then u must have decided u are satisfied with a grossly inferior system
    which just can NOT run 60% of the domestic peripherals which most
    people use round the house. So i conclude that your "research" was
    just in thinking "i know, ill buy the latest and best system", then u
    looked thru a few magazines which assured u Compaq was better than
    Acer, and LUCKILY for you was correct. do u want a PhD for that ? i
    can print one off and send it to you if you send me 10$ :) as
    for "buy and try", i did NOT buy till after id had 64beta running
    experimentally for a year on other machines id built. I only bought
    the Acer when it came out BECAUSE it had its own drivers, PLUS some
    support i could pester about all the problems id already noticed.
    So im still waiting to see if any know-it-all MVP out there can
    assure that THEIR machines r *definitely* any better than the best XP
    systems ??? dont be shy boys, i wont pull u to bits - much :)
    Marshalx, May 30, 2006
  7. Marshalx

    Marshalx Guest

    ***sorry Andre, i know youre a genius whod like to join in the fun, but
    youre using that word "need" again.
    just WHO needs it ? and just WHICH laptop64 runs "better"
    /faster /more "powerfully" than XP ?
    maybe there are some professional CAD or image processing people
    who "need" huge File systems,
    and maybe they can afford to have their drivers Tailored for them,
    BUT for us "enthusiasts" that type
    of expense is just not justified. Seems to me that the whole
    64bit game has floundered for 3 years.
    AMD led the field, but Nobody has succeeded in showing their
    overall systems to be any "better" in
    ALL THAT TIME. have u benchmarked any of yours against 32bit
    real-life (domestic) scenarios ?
    have u got 64 to dL all the SatNav police cameras ;)
    incidentally there is a useful crystal spray
    that disperses the flash off gatsos, making the reflection
    unreadable. some people have tested it at
    160mph down to their local supermarket; now if i could say that
    about win64, then wed all be happy !
    Marshalx, May 30, 2006
  8. Marshalx

    Marshalx Guest

    ***well u r a little smart-arse graham ! but there is NO "get it
    hasnt your research revealed that 2u yet ?
    obviously you cant read english yourself so i suppose u r just
    one of the millions of sarcastic "slaves" out there, with no
    of a "route". the canon780 is the BEST of what was available
    (also the HP7310 at that time), so explain to me HOW any amount
    research could improve on that. build my own printer maybe ?

    thats not "whining", merely explaining the REALITY, that none of
    NEED win64 (look up the word "need" and contrast it with "lust"),
    that since MS cant be bothered to support it, youll be better off
    running XP
    for the next 2 years. Are u not grateful little graham ?
    good, so now we can shut this group down - all agreed ?
    Marshalx, May 30, 2006
  9. Marshalx

    Marshalx Guest

    ***oh dear sorry Colin, i must have forgotten that.
    Marshalx, May 30, 2006
  10. Marshalx

    John Barnes Guest

    Unless I missed something, nobody made you buy it. With anything you
    purchase, you do your research before you buy it and decide if it is right
    for you. There certainly are plenty of articles available to help make the
    right decision. If you are then incapable of making the right decision, you
    cover your incompetence by incessent complaining. Have a nice day.
    John Barnes, May 30, 2006
  11. Marshalx

    Marshalx Guest

    ***well its bank-holiday here in uk Larry, the kids are wreaking havoc
    downstairs, and the maid is raving about a salary increase, so i
    decided to take it out on you lot.
    incidentally a "troll" is an over-sexed norwegian fairy that runs
    thru the forest with no clothes on, much to the delight of their
    reindeer-shagging farmers. i suppose what u meant was TRAWL the
    waters for suitable idiots to poke ? dont worry, there r still
    people who say "usenet" instead of Newsnet; oblivious to the fact that
    in those far off days of DOS with only 6 digits avail for filenames,
    "usernet" just had to loose a digit, until it matured as NewsNet. but
    i suppose all u young MVP out there are just too young to remember ?
    hey Larry take a trip to norway, those trolls really know how to hump
    weights in their steam-rooms :)
    Marshalx, May 30, 2006
  12. Marshalx

    Marshalx Guest

    ***but john, i HAVE made the right decision - to chuck it in the bin
    if YOU prefer to sit there "incompetently" fiddling with hardware
    hasnt got any drivers, then "incessantly complaining" on this
    group that
    u cant work out how to get 64 to do ALL THE HUNDREDS of things
    that XP can, then OBVIOUSLY u r just one of those "usenet" twats
    havent experienced a good norwegian sauna with a nymphomaniac yet ?
    Marshalx, May 30, 2006
  13. Marshalx

    Marshalx Guest

    ***ok Carlos i appreciate your honesty, so what i need from you
    is 10,000$ plus a speedboat. since u r a "distinguished" person
    anxious to "help" (u say so yourself, just like the xtians do),
    then i look
    forward to u sending them asap. ok ?

    now dont start babbling like they do that you didnt really mean
    "help", only
    gibberish "promises" as long as i sit up all night praying for the
    and inadvertently inviting the devil (labelled god), just like
    big-J did, when in
    REALITY all that carlos+god combined wants to do is make it look
    as tho
    they are more honourable than us "sinner" earthlings who have
    not heard even ONE OF YOU demonstrate how 64 is any "better" than

    then i can only conclude that you carlos are yourself
    experimenting with
    "the boundaries of mockery", and should rightly be thrown back
    down to hell
    along with win64 plus that butcher-hypocrit "god" who was pleased
    stand-around-watching with covert satisfaction while his minions
    sent the
    last Tsunami to wipe out those half a million nasty moslems he
    didnt like ?

    and he did it on xmas DAY no less ! nice touch that "god" !!
    really showed
    his "loving helpfulness", just like carlos plans to send me
    10,000$ :)
    well i cant help being a psychopath, i was born like this, so
    please please
    send me the money Carlos, i will make sure youre alright in the
    and you dont really need it do you; so simply write the cheque
    now. ok ?
    Marshalx, May 30, 2006
  14. Marshalx

    Larry Hodges Guest

    Well now, one would think that you could attribute correctly on usenet (it's
    usenet, not usernet btw) given your many years of experience with it. I
    chose to bottom post this time because...well, it's the correct way to post.

    A troll is someone who makes a usenet post for the sole purpose of inciting
    a confrontation or reaction from the others in the newsgroup. You did that
    very well.

    And you obviously know me from MFW. So, welcome to MPW64G.
    Larry Hodges, May 30, 2006
  15. Marshalx

    Marshalx Guest

    ***no Larry, you mis-read. it was conceptually "user network"
    as distinct from "our private network" /admin, after they got
    round to
    letting the common scum on the campus use it as well. but with
    6 dos digits they had to abbreviate to "usenet"; got it now ?
    in REALITY it is a NEWS network "newsnet". i live in oxford,
    and the sheep here call Magdalen College and bridge "maudlin" !!
    why ? because one of their shit-head professors in the past had an

    affected stammer, and couldnt pronounce MAG-DA-LEN, so the students
    used to take the piss out of him. as for u not knowing what a
    "troll" is Larry
    i can only feel sad that u have missed that great experience with
    the reindeers :)
    Marshalx, May 30, 2006
  16. Marshalx

    Graham Guest

    Marshalx: I really don't know what your real problem is, but clearly you
    have more than a handful. If you can tell me whereabouts you live in
    England, maybe I can recommend an institution which would be more than
    pleased to help you if your GP is unable to.

    Graham, May 30, 2006
  17. I am affraid that you are trying to read between the lines, this is
    unfortunate because I never write anything there - perhaps you have an
    academic degree? No, what I did write was a direct respons to what Carlos
    said about having to deal solely with peoples problems in the professional

    What I undertook to expand upon, was not at all that philosophical, and in
    no way has anything to do with money changing hands, or indeed with the
    financial aspects of corporate elbowing on the 'free trade' market place and
    the drama surrounding the employer/employee situation, as an effect.

    No, really - in both uses of the concept of 'task', I simply referred to the
    sensation it stirs in almost everyone to have people unload their problems
    right in your lap as if it was your problem - which it isn't, and everybody
    should acknowledge this and if we all utilize it with intent it might well
    stir a willingness to help. If you phone for a Cab and want to go to the
    airport in a hurry, it is nobody elses fault but your's if you do not make
    it - you could have got out of bed earlier. If your car has a break-down it
    is nobody elses fault that your day is ruined. My suggestion for everybody
    is that we make an effort of not bringing that ruined day around with us,
    but simply tell the people at the garage that "I have a problem" - there's a
    great chance that they will say: "Well, in the midst of your misfortune, at
    least you've come to the right place"!

    All of this is something I have repeatedly seen exemplified throughout my
    own struggles with 'life', and not in the least right here in this forum.
    And as a helpfull piece of comment - all we can contribute with in respons
    to your 'gall' is:"Well, it is not our problem - Who didn't make the
    research? - Who is having all the problems?

    If we are smart we will do the outmost to not repeat our mistakes, we can
    make any number of new ones all of the time, but it will not be smart not to
    try and correct them as they appear. So, the best advice we can give is to
    point out to you what it was you missed out on, this is not gleefull, but
    there is no substance for much else in your contributions, alas!

    Good luck with your next project!

    Tony. . .
    Tony Sperling, May 30, 2006
  18. Marshalx

    Guest Guest

    DOS allowed up to 8 characters for a filename, not 6.
    Guest, May 30, 2006
  19. Marshalx

    Larry Hodges Guest

    BWAHAHAHAHA. I'm kicking myself for not picking up on that Carlos. I knew

    So much for Marshal's history lesson...
    Larry Hodges, May 30, 2006
  20. Marshalx

    Marshalx Guest

    BAW HAW HAW ! not in the early days of UNIX it didnt.
    carlos please please please, when r u sending the 10,000$ ?
    i know you want 2 help me.
    Marshalx, May 30, 2006
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