Premature Piece of Garbage

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Marshalx, May 29, 2006.

  1. Marshalx

    Marshalx Guest

    yes i like that phrase i just saw someone use !!
    i bought an Acer 64bit laptop, thinking it safer to let them sort out
    integration problems,
    since id already tried 9 versions of Linux crap, and didnt want to
    waste any more time
    on supposedly "powerful" avant-garde junk. i was immediately struck
    by the whole system being much SLOWER than other 32bit ones; try
    Defrag !!! stupid thing takes hours.
    They are all Premature, and im quite sure YOU DONT >NEED< THEM,
    stick with XP
    and just tune that to its best, then u can shut this group down and
    wait for the next
    HUGE bunch of complaints about Vista :) XP might suffice for
    another 5 years at least.
    Marshalx, May 29, 2006
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  2. Andre Da Costa [Extended64], May 29, 2006
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  3. Marshalx

    DP Guest

    I'm not defending x64 (to each his own). But are you sure it's not the ACER
    that's slow?
    Have you tried that very same ACER with 32-bit? It could be the computer.
    DP, May 29, 2006
  4. Marshalx

    Marshalx Guest

    Incidentally i use a Canon multi-function Pixma 780 and there ARE
    64bit drivers available for that. Its a nice printer, but will take
    a day to work out what all the strange symbols on the buttons mean;
    why dont they just write in English, and make the buttons BIGGER.

    Also the FAX messages are confusing, and Receive will NOT work
    with TAM on the same line, - who does not have tam ? naughty Canon
    somehow didnt care about that; u need an external fax switch.

    the 780 does Not have a card-reader, and its Pictbridge will NOT
    accept 4 images 6x4 onto A4 directly for some other "strange" reason,
    u have to use software to print that. i also got an HP7310 but last
    time i looked there were no 64bit drivers for that yet ? dont really
    since we have no NEED to use win64 at all, it was just an experimental
    interest that got nowhere - just like Linux.

    they all need another 2 years to Mature; but in the end Linux will
    formidable, since all of China, Russia and India use it, and will
    write all their own drivers, but just how far ahead that is, who
    in the meantime XP will do for just about everything, and every single
    device on the market will run on it, so why bother with other systems ?

    go out and have a beer, buy a new car, take the dog for a run, but DONT
    waste any more time on this group wondering why win64 dont work :)
    Marshalx, May 29, 2006
  5. Marshalx

    Marshalx Guest

    my "research" has been done in the "buying and trying" !
    and my conclusions are here presented. maybe will save
    a lot of you getting frustrated, then you will have a happier life :)
    arent you grateful ?
    Marshalx, May 29, 2006
  6. Marshalx

    Marshalx Guest

    well it has "the latest and greatest" AMD turion 64 chip, and since
    make half the computers on the planet, so if their engineers cant
    figure out how to make it run well, then who are us little MVP to argue

    ive got /built about 9 computers, 6 using amd64 chips, and NONE of them
    are any "better /faster /more powerful" as we all expected 64bit would
    Obviously "the 64bit problem" has something deep-seated holding it
    conceptually it will succeed in the end, but maybe 2 more years to see

    Suse64 still has serious problems with lack of drivers. Mandrake64
    was an expensive piece of shit that wouldnt even run at all; and all
    in general have driver problems. the only thing they CAN do well are
    basics of Web / eMail and Openoffice etc, which is good enough for
    people, but as soon as you want to connect a few more devices or dL
    camera database for your SatNav, then youll decide to go back to XP.

    i recently got an HP8173 which i can recommend. it has a nice 17inch
    ultra-bright screen, and TWO internal 80gb drives; useful to clone
    entire system over, if u have a disaster. also uses Turion64, so
    experiment with Vista one day - if nothing better to do :)
    Marshalx, May 29, 2006
  7. Andre:

    I agree with you fully about research. My original x64
    laptop, Compac R3000z, is currently on campus with my son working flawlessly
    except for the modem drivers that he doesn't use. My current x64 laptop,
    Compac V2300cto is functioning flawlessly except for the Bluetooth drivers
    that I don't use. As of the last time that I checked HP still doesn't have
    the drivers. Research, Planetamd64 and newsgroups have been the tools needed
    to have both laptops and two 4400x2 towers functioning fully with x64. I can't
    afford a Ferrari.
    Dennis Pack x64, IE7B2, O2007B2, May 29, 2006
  8. Marshalx

    Marshalx Guest

    ***lick lick, we are the superior race, those others just dont
    ***my my Dennis, what a "flawless" life u lead !!
    are you just lucky, or perhaps so much more intelligent
    and REALLY know what research is ! :)

    i bet you are a christian with a PhD, and have the benevolence of a

    PERFECT big daddy in the sky looking after u ?
    Marshalx, May 29, 2006
  9. Marshalx:

    You're WRONG on both assumptions. Remember the definition of
    assume. I have no religious motives and if I did they wouldn't belong here.
    The only degree that I have is hard work and research. In my current
    profession I've been called a grease monkey, technician and consultant. But
    if you need a degree I may have one for you. When my wife was alive she
    couldn't spell mechanic or technician so anytime she needed to write my
    profession she listed me as a car doctor. For me computers are a tool and a
    hobby, as with an automobile a computer should function properly to meet
    ones needs not expectations. Driver support has been slow to nonexistent for
    x64, but the operating system has been very stable.
    Dennis Pack x64, IE7B2, O2007B2, May 29, 2006
  10. Marshalx

    Graham Guest

    Er, why did you buy it if you don't like it? Didn't do the research? Oh,
    BTW, not everyone reads English.

    Sounds like you do a bit too much buy and whine instead of research and
    get it right.

    Graham, May 29, 2006
  11. Marshalx

    Guest Guest

    I also have two x64 machines working flawlessly.
    Dennis is not alone.
    All in this Discussion Group are proof that x64 exists and works.
    Guest, May 29, 2006
  12. Marshalx

    Jane Colman Guest

    Count me in as another member of the working flawlessly group ;)
    Jane Colman, May 29, 2006
  13. Carlos and Jane:

    Thank you for the reassurance that I have a working system.
    Professionally I fight cynicism continually because all I see are problems,
    I don't see or hear about the ones that are problem free. Newsgroups are the
    same because many are trying to solve problems with the help of others.
    Dennis Pack x64, IE7B2, O2007B2, May 29, 2006
  14. Marshalx

    Guest Guest

    you can add me to the list of working x64 installations in comparison to xp
    where I had to install all my drivers I was amazed to find the only driver I
    neede to update was my geforce 6200 every other driver including my wireless
    worked instantly and I was up and runnig and connectted to the net in thrity
    minutes :)
    Guest, May 29, 2006
  15. You've probably noticed that 'most' people, when you give them a task they
    see the problem.
    Few people, when you confront them with a problem, can see the task!

    Funny thing though, I've noticed that often they are the same people -
    solution: hand out problems, not tasks!

    Tony. . .
    Tony Sperling, May 30, 2006
  16. It IS XP. An alternative XP to the 32-bit one.
    Colin Barnhorst, May 30, 2006
  17. Andre Da Costa [Extended64], May 30, 2006
  18. Marshalx

    Guest Guest

    And I, for one, would like to thank the regular posters to this NG. The OP
    doesn't seem to think this NG is necessary, however, I've seen numerous posts
    stating the need to research before buying to make sure XP64 is for them and
    that all drivers are available. It was those cautions that helped me put
    together a trouble free (in fact, the most stable computer I've ever used) 64
    bit system (which I've had over a year now).

    The only lesson I see for anyone reading this post is that the "buy and try"
    approach can cost you.
    Guest, May 30, 2006
  19. Marshalx

    Larry Hodges Guest

    I have to admit, this is a great troll. My compliments.
    Larry Hodges, May 30, 2006
  20. Marshalx

    Marshalx Guest

    ***ok Dennis, i accept your sincerity :) sorry for suggesting u
    sounded a bit like
    those xtian half-wits whose Leader just murdered another 6000
    - that subject tends to get me aggitated. We had some knock our
    door the
    other day, but they were soon scurrying off down the street
    clutching their
    popes book-of-shit and looking horrified at having met the
    anti-christ !!

    NOW, getting back to win64, there is some mis-understanding : i
    did NOT say
    it was "unstable", and obviously Carlos it "exists and works";
    i merely said it
    runs (on my machine) markedly SLOWER than my others, AND the
    Defrag is a joke - taking hours, and seeming to do nothing for the
    first one.
    since defrag is primarily a function of the OS and HD, and the
    latter shows no
    other problems, i assume something wrong with win64.

    By your own admission "driver support is slow to non-existent", so
    i ask you then
    JUST WHY you jumped to its defence !?? have u some NEED for
    64bit files ?
    huge database or something ? Probably (like me), you were
    attracted to the idea
    that 64bit is the "latest and greatest" so lets try it out.
    well i have used Acer64
    quite a lot, and it does "work" and has not crashed, but beyond
    that it gives NO feeling
    of being "better" in any way WHATSOEVER. worse than that, since
    very few other
    external devices will run on it, nor are likely to in the next
    we SHOULD be asking ourselves "whats the point in bothering with
    it then" ?

    Lets get back to XP, tune it up to run nicely, and leave MS to
    fiddle with 64 a couple
    more years, THEN they may have got it sorted. We dont "need"
    such a premature /
    sluggish / pog now DO we ? no more than we "need" any of its
    Linux equivalent pogs.
    Give them all 2 more years and then get the best of whatever
    Linux emerge, and join
    1.4 billion happy chinamen who dont pay gates a penny :)

    Actually now i think of it, maybe we should worship gates as the
    TRUE "son-of-god" ?
    since god obviously Favours him (financially) above all men on
    earth, AND it is also true
    that mr.Gates has been (and is planning to continue) being the
    most Charitable
    Humanitarian in the recorded history of this Planet of Suffering.
    he has already shipped
    umpteen million $ of drugs to combat diseases in the third world,
    and has thereby
    PROPERLY "saved" many million humans who would otherwise have died
    years ago.
    so compare that with the few half-dead tramps that jesus picked up
    off the street,
    and you can easily see what i mean. Neither did gates fill his
    recipients heads with
    Paulian garbage AFTER hed saved them; instead he gave them a
    copy of wonderful
    XP to play with as they recovered, so indeed is he not the TRUE
    son-of-god ?

    Have you Dennis got any Benchmarks on your machines to show 64 is
    running any
    "better" /faster /more "powerfully" ? and that you NEED it
    (not just decided to TRY it) ?
    lets ask that question of ALL users who read this thread. <<<

    then maybe MS will also read and start answering the question
    themselves. WHY
    are they not encouraging more peripheral manufacturers to get on
    with the drivers ?
    give them some incentive - OR, are MS *deliberately* not
    bothering since they plan
    to concentrate on Vista - just like the driver manufacturers are
    waiting ?
    since buying 64 about a year ago, ive only noticed about 3
    updates arrive !!
    yet on XP they keep turning up every week. so what does that
    mean ?
    Marshalx, May 30, 2006
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