Power Supply vs. Motherboard

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by smackedass, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. smackedass

    w_tom Guest

    Simple to measure 60 Hz ripple voltage from a linear supply. But a
    switching power supply is not a linear supply. Switching power
    supplies have ripple voltages in the kilohertz range. A $20
    multimeter (and most multimeter) will not measure kilohertz ripple
    voltage. This was common knowledge many decades ago. I would have
    expected Michael to know this. Ripple voltage need not be measured.

    (Will Michael have a computer repairman construct an RF detector
    circuit? Why make things unnecessarily complex? If I remember
    correctly, we both used VTVMs. That knowledge does not help a
    computer repairman.)

    Limits of 3.23, 4.87, and 11.7 will immediately identify a power
    supply as good or bad. How to confirm a power supply as good or bad
    in but 2 minutes - as we taught technicians even 30 years ago.

    A user need not even know Ohms law to use a meter; to identify a
    power supply 'system' as good or bad. Why do some believe a computer
    repairman is so dumb as to be also confused by an Ipod? In but two
    minutes and with a 3.5 digit multimeter, a power supply 'system' is
    diagnosed. Furthermore, numbers are available for posting; to obtain
    further information from better informed posters. What is the
    alternative? Shotgunning.
    w_tom, Feb 27, 2007
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  2. smackedass

    w_tom Guest

    My reply consistently has been that we are Americans - therefore
    must be smarter. What does a meter do? Makes any tech smarter and
    makes him more productive..

    Why is a power supply provided? A power supply is one item a
    telephone service rep cannot identify (good or bad) over the phone. A
    tech is provided everything that analysis might guess as defective.
    One suspect is a power supply. The tech then has everything that
    might need replacement on a first call.

    Most important in servicde work - the problem must be solved in only
    one visit.

    Shame that an industry publication wants Americans to be dumber than
    even a TV repairman. Even a simplest TV repairman could use a meter.
    Why are computer repairman expected to remain inferior - remain

    Shame that an industry publication advocates employees who would
    even find Ipods too complex.

    I can appreciate the attitude of that industry publication. Why
    does America now need immigrants for engineers? Too many domestic
    Americans consider themselves experts and yet don't even know how
    things work. Amazing that something so simple even back in the 60s
    (when I built one) is now too complex for an American computer
    expert. That publication implies that Americans can no longer learn
    how to be smarter. No wonder we need so many immigrants (a little of
    this is 'tongue in cheek' humor).
    w_tom, Feb 27, 2007
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  3. smackedass

    JohnO Guest

    Uhhh, I think you need to learn about CompTIA and its JTA's before you
    get all snotty about the results of major research reports. FWIW,
    you're full of baloney because the JTA contains tasks that require
    skills far above the simple use of DMMs.

    Until you decide to learn about what you're spouting, you can argue
    with yourself.

    -John O
    JohnO, Feb 27, 2007
  4. smackedass

    JohnO Guest

    Many years ago I used to work in the Heathkit service
    department...repairing kits that had been assembled badly or just
    failed over time. Adjacent to our test benches we had a parts
    department, rather THE parts department, for a huge corporation.
    Something like 50,000 square feet, and racks six feet high, and people
    to pull the parts for us...an endless supply of parts, it seemed. In
    that environment, shotgunning was usually the most cost-effective
    approach, depending on the part. As a matter of pride most of us
    didn't work that way, but there were some who did, and their
    productivity was better than some stubborn troubleshooters. ;-)

    Other than that unusual environment, I certainly agree about

    -John O
    JohnO, Feb 27, 2007
  5. smackedass

    JohnO Guest

    That stuff was probably better engineered than the standard Heathkit,
    and the service docs were likely better, too. :)

    -John O
    JohnO, Feb 27, 2007
  6. smackedass

    w_tom Guest

    Heathkit on Long Island? What ever happened to or who purchased
    w_tom, Feb 28, 2007
  7. smackedass

    JohnO Guest

    Like Barry, I've got history with Heathkit. Except, I still work for
    what's left of that big company.

    Being owned by the French government (via Groupe Bull) was the kicker.
    They brought in some dillitante (sp?) who helicoptered to work....a
    big palace in Rolling Meadows IL. Among his many fine decisions he had
    *all* the PC engineers move from this paradise in SW Lower Michigan to
    the Chicago suburbs...to be nearer the marketing geeks. None went, as
    in zero of them. But when Dell, Toshiba, DEC, HP, and others came to
    paradise with job offers and plane tickets and promises of sanity,
    quite a few of them left for good. That decision decimated ZDS
    engineering, and that was the end of being a laptop market leader.

    The partnership with PB was also a fatal blow. That company was a
    friggin train wreck, and they took all their partners down with them.

    The Heathkit kit business was officially closed around 1990, and we
    were sold to something called HIG...an investment group. They split
    the Education group apart from the lighting controls, and sold off
    each one separately. Today, "Heath Zenith Reflex" lighting controls
    are in Walmart and Home Depot, and like the ZDS engineers, the three
    guys who created the original kit lighting products wouldn't move to
    Kentucky, but they hung a shingle and still design them under contract
    from here in Michigan.

    The Ed group is a long story...a couple nutty owners along the way but
    worst of all a US president who feels vocational/technical education
    is useless, and has defunded major programs. As a result, that entire
    industry has suffered despite tremendous growth in the need for such
    employees (per his own Dept. of Labor Stats). But when you think about
    it, facts and reality have never bothered Mr. Bush. So anyway, we're
    under a good owner and still thriving. In fact I'm putting the final
    touches a new A+ course for schools once I'm done typing this.

    -John O
    JohnO, Feb 28, 2007
  8. smackedass

    JohnO Guest

    Copies of *all* kit manuals are available, going back as far as you
    want. For inquiries send an email to: prock at heathkit . com.

    -John O
    JohnO, Feb 28, 2007
  9. smackedass

    w_tom Guest

    This thinking is not limited only to government. Leigh University
    was once nicknamed the Engineers. Leigh is now promoting buisness
    (MBA) educations; leaving the engineering programs to languish.
    Therefore Leigh changed their nickname to Mountain Hawks. What is by
    far the largest masters program now in any school? MBA and law -
    educations that do not do anything productive.

    When companies are losing market due to a shortage of innovation,
    then notice where the boss comes from. In almost every case, he is
    either a lawyer or an MBA. There is almost no exception. These people
    are educated to consider innovation and design as an 'expense'.
    Technical people and what they do are not found in the 'asset' column
    of spread sheets.

    Worse, what a technical person accomplishes typically does not
    appear profitably on a spread sheet for four or more years. Spread
    sheets cannot measure innovation until after the innovation is no
    longer innovative.
    w_tom, Mar 1, 2007
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