Power LED incompatible with Mobo

Discussion in 'A+ Certification' started by Dave Hardenbrook, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. I'm building a custom system for a client, and have run into a minor
    problem: The Mobo (an ECS NForce 4M-A) has two pins for the Power LED,
    but the connector on the chassis (an Antec New Solution NSK4400) expects
    *three* pins. I have never encountered such an incompatibility before.

    It's not a major point, because of course the system will "survive"
    without a working power LED, but I was just wonder if there was some
    "fix" to make the three-pin LED cable work with the two-pin Mobo.

    Dave Hardenbrook, Sep 10, 2007
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  2. Dave Hardenbrook

    Bill Eitner Guest

    A three-pin LED cable suggests a three-color LED.
    The colors are typically red, green, and yellow
    (red+green). Use your multi-meter diode test (or
    resistance) to determine the pinout. One pin will
    be a common cathode (cathode is the minus side).
    The other two will be anodes, one for red and one
    for green. You'll need the cathode (-) and either of
    the anodes (+) (pick a color). Use whatever mechanical
    means necessary to isolate the two pins and connect
    them to the mobo.

    If you're rusty on how diodes work (LED=light emitting
    diode) and are tested, read that section in your
    multi-meter manual or Google it. A diode is like a
    one way valve; resistance is low from anode to cathode
    and high from cathode to anode. If you don't have
    a multi-meter, you can isolate the three pins and
    plug them into the mobo in different combinations
    until you get what you want. In this situation you
    can't damage an LED by connecting it backward (read:
    with reverse polarity), it simply won't light up.
    When you hit upon a proper polarity combination the
    LED will light up in one of the two colors. The remaining
    wire is the anode (+) of the other color.
    Bill Eitner, Sep 10, 2007
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  3. You could probably buy an RJ-11 punch down tool and spin the wires onto
    the posts or solder the wires. The third wire is probably a ground wire.
    I have seen so many posts about Mobos that I suspect it is not a good
    MB. The one my son had lasted less than a year.
    middle_class_warrior, Sep 22, 2007
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