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Discussion in 'MCSD' started by classified public, Aug 24, 2006.

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    Re: Microsoft certifications in general, copyright infringement, the modern economic struggle and related issues

    Please, all of you just shut up and let the employer screen out the certification cheaters.

    Certifications are there to stimulate people to achievement. It has no intrinsic value, other than how much you paid to sit for the exam. It has no perceived value because there is no employer on the Earth who accepts a certification without question, and hands you a job or even a raise.

    The best thing that can happen with certifications is that after all their frivolous efforts at eliminating cheating, Microsoft decides to give these exams free of charge, except for the cost of providing proctoring services. This would do the most to cut down cheating, as you would have to be an idiot to prepare for an exam, not really being confident you will pass, and shell out $125 like it's nothing. Only rich people can do that. And, say what if you take and fail the exam a couple of times, and pass on the third, just because you've seen the questions and you went back to find the answers. You didn't cheat in the scenario, but it underscores how miniscule this thing about cheating really is.

    I hope somebody wakes up and smells the coffee. What are we really trying to achieve with certifications, encourage achievement or darwinistically separate the weak from the strong. In the latter case, why don't we just do a genetic sampling and certify people that way.

    But, if you want to be more sensible, just shut up and LET THE EMPLOYERS DECIDE WHO IS CHEATING AND WHO IS NOT!
    classified public, MCSD.NET, MCAD.NET . CompTIA A+
    classified public, Aug 24, 2006
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