Possible to pass 70-316 without work experience?

Discussion in 'MCAD' started by Anna, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. Anna

    Anna Guest


    I have 10 years of programming experience in C++, C, VB etc. but none in

    I've been studying for exam 70-316 for more than a couple of months now. But
    the curriculum seems to be vast! Without any work experience in .NET, has
    anybody cleared this exam just by self study?? I am curious, because based on
    the posts the exam has questions not covered in any of the recommended books
    (MS press and Kalani). I am beginning to have doubts that I can ever clear
    this exam with no work experience!!

    Anna, Oct 29, 2004
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  2. Anna

    V. Guest


    I have about 1,5 years experience in C++ and some in
    Java. I started studying for 70-315 a few months back.
    I failed my first exam, because I didn't really knew what
    to expect. That's about the first thing you need to do.

    After that it's quite possible I think... with the right
    material. Being:
    * the books they suggest here on the forum.
    * practice exams (the harder the better).
    * MSDN.

    DO NOT BUY MS-PRESS!! I have them and my dissappointment
    was total. It's just a (good) introduction, but no more
    then that.

    For the exams you will need great knowledge about .NET.
    Take also special care in data manipulation (ADO.NET).
    It's an entire topic on itself, but needed on the exam.

    Good luck 2 u.
    V., Oct 29, 2004
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  3. Anna

    Saga Guest

    I would say that it is possible to pass these tests without "work
    experience", but you do need to know how to use the product
    (VS + language + .NET), so you will need experience, but
    this is as simple as conceiving a few projects and implementing

    Practice, practice, practice!

    I don't believe it is possible to be successful by only reading.

    Good luck!
    Saga, Nov 1, 2004
  4. Anna

    Anna Guest

    Thanks for the responses. I've been reading the Que Certification series
    (Amit Kalani) and doing their hands on exercises and practice projects ( and
    there are quite a few of them!). So its not just reading... its reading with
    lots of small projects, step by step exercises.

    Wondering if people who say who've cleared the exam have had "actual" work
    experience or not

    Anna, Nov 1, 2004
  5. Anna

    Al Manint Guest


    I worked with the betas and took the beta exams. There were no study
    materials and there was only work experience. I don't think I've really
    "studied" for a M$ exam that I've taken and haven't failed one yet. (One
    exception, remoting - read about it in mdsn - wasn't very interested in it
    so just put the knowledge in my head.)

    So the answer is you can do it, but work experience can totally eclipse
    studying b/c it *IS* studying.

    --Al Manint (MCSD, MCSD.NET, MCDBA, blah blah blah)
    Al Manint, Nov 8, 2004
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