Possible to extend my wireless network to about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile.

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Leo Violette, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Leo Violette

    Leo Violette Guest

    I saw a post like this where someone wanted to go 2 to 3 kilometers. A
    little farther than I need.
    The response was that it was probably possible with special equipment, but
    is illegal.

    Can I do this (legally or not, just want to know my options)? I'm not going
    quite as far as the
    other poster, so I hope this helps.

    I can mount my wireless router in an upstairs bedroom. The other location
    is not line of sight as
    there are some houses and trees intervening them, but no hills to speak of.

    I'm wondering about equipment, will I need to mount special attennas on both
    ends, etc.
    Leo Violette, Nov 13, 2006
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  2. Leo Violette

    ato_zee Guest

    A simple reflector of aluminium kitchen foil around a curved
    thin walled plastic container, using elastic bands to hold
    the foil in place, can add around 10 percent to signal strength,
    about 20 percent to signal quality and around 30 percent
    to range.
    USB wireless adapters are the most flexible since positioning
    is important and the thin USB cable makes this easier.
    Increasing the transmitted power by modifying the transmitter
    is probably illegal, making most use of the permitted power
    is probably ok.
    Using a reflector aids signal strength both transmitted and received,
    it also cuts out interference coming from the
    sides making it more line of sight.
    Intervening buildings will probably defeat you.
    The USB method is cheap to implement, and you can put one
    on a laptop and go roaming to map signal strength, and use
    Netstumbler to see what signals are around you.
    There are high gain aerials advertised, at a price,
    and no guarantee that they will work in your situation.
    ato_zee, Nov 13, 2006
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  3. Leo Violette

    David Hettel Guest

    No you must have line of site, rain/snow and trees will all prevent this. If
    you can't see the target it would not work at this distance.

    David Hettel

    Please post any reply as a follow-up message in the news group for everyone
    to see. I'm sorry, but I don't answer questions addressed directly to me in
    E-mail or news groups.

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    no rights.
    David Hettel, Nov 13, 2006
  4. Hi

    It is illegal if you use Transmitters that exceed the Output rating of the

    However, people do achieve such range with legal equipment.

    It involves building towers that are high enough to make sure that you can
    compensate for the Fresnel effect, and using very hi gain highly directional

    The Antennae has to be set with land survey equipment to make sure that they
    are looking “eye to eye” since to cannot align them visually from such a

    Jack (MVP-Networking).
    Jack \(MVP-Networking\)., Nov 13, 2006
  5. Leo Violette

    Mike G Guest

    Mike G, Nov 13, 2006
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