Portable storage devices & RAW images

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Graham Russell, Nov 22, 2003.

  1. I'm looking to get a portable storage device for uploading images from my
    Canon 10D. I shoot both jpeg and RAW formats. Do any devices understand
    Canon's RAW format so they can be previewed on the screen?

    Manufacturers I'm looking at are:

    Thanks for any info.

    Graham Russell, Nov 22, 2003
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  2. Well, RAW image compatibility with the Mindstor is a non-issue since it
    has no preview screen. It just stores whatever files are put on it. I
    even use mine to back up the memory stick from my Sony Clie when
    travelling and have also used it to backup digital voice files from my
    Sony digital recorder.

    As for the others, check their websites. It's quite likely that if they
    allow viewing of RAW files they will mention it.

    In any case all of them should allow you to store the files even if you
    can't actually view them.
    Andrew McDonald, Nov 22, 2003
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  3. Graham Russell

    snitramc Guest

    First off, be careful about Mindstor. They are kaput - and there is no
    support for anything. I have a 20GB from them, and the battery is
    dying. I had to make a battery pack to keep it running.

    Meantime, I have tried one storage device with display - the new RCA
    Lyra. I returned it the next day. It is still in beta, and was
    apparently released to try to get some holiday buzz. Most features for
    storage do not work right now.

    I am now trying out an Archos Gmini 120. No display, but a nice device
    otherwise. Having been downloading to these devices for a few years, I
    have had no problems with coruption/verification, so I don't consider
    display a deal breaker. Problem is, with the Gmini, to store pix you
    need to buy a $30.00 (USD) plug-in. I have been trying to get it from
    their site for three days, and the page is broken. No plugin, no
    storage, just a very expensive MP3 player. Yuck.

    A lot of people like Flashtrax. It has a display. But they have
    discontinued their 30GB model, so if you buy one of those, you have to
    worry about support. And it is expensive. And while Flashtrax' maker -
    SmartDisk is ten years old, they are in pretty bad shape financially
    (see Mindstor) and you have to worry about longevitity.

    I think I will end up returning the Archos and trying out a Tripper
    from Inside Computer. It appears to be a nice design. And it is
    Japanese (I think), so maybe it'll live longer than a silicon valley
    startup relying on VC money.

    Any other commets welcome.

    snitramc, Dec 2, 2003
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