pop up prevention problem; for wanted pop ups

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by joe doe, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. joe doe

    joe doe Guest

    am using latest firefox and mozilla in windows xp

    though set pop up preventer to allow pop ups for select domains,
    frustratingly there are windows where the pop up preventer blocks
    opening of a new window, despite my 'allowing' the particular domain

    when i remember to use 'control' when clicking on a link that i want
    to open, it generally opens the window

    but if i forget to depress the 'control' button in time, and hit the
    link without it, the pop up preventer disallows the opening of the
    desired window

    it happens in both firefox and mozilla

    looking for help how to overcome this problem

    please cc any posting here to dejausenet at yahoo dot

    joe doe, Mar 3, 2005
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  2. joe doe

    Moz Champion Guest

    The simpliest idea would be to turn off pop up blocker of course.
    ??Pop up blocker prevents opening of new window when clicking on a link?
    Can you provide a page where you observe this behaviour?
    Moz Champion, Mar 3, 2005
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  3. joe doe

    ..brian.. Guest

    Maybe the popup window is coming from a different domain than what you
    have listed in options?

    In Firefox, when a popup is getting blocked that you want to see,
    simply click once on the little "blocked popup" icon down in the lower
    right hand part of the status bar and select "Show http://...." which
    will immediately display the blocked popup. If you want to see the
    displayed popup in the future, then click the icon again and select
    "Allow popups for."
    ..brian.., Mar 3, 2005
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