poll time : your top 10 movies of all time

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Dr. Bukkake, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. Dr. Bukkake

    Dr. Bukkake Guest

    1. Take The Money and Run
    2. American Beauty
    3. Ed Wood
    4. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    5. Bananas
    6. Life of Brian
    7. Toy Story 2
    8. Trainspotting
    9. Fargo
    10. Memento
    Dr. Bukkake, Jan 17, 2004
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  2. in no real order....


    My Neighbor Totoro

    Stop Making Sense

    Adventures of Baron Munchausen

    The Player

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit

    Three O'Clock High


    Monty Python's Meaning of Life

    To Live and Die in L.A.
    Vlvetmorning98, Jan 19, 2004
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  3. Dr. Bukkake

    Wild Coyote Guest

    Not in any particular order:


    Lord of the Rings Trilogy

    A Walk in the Sun

    Lethal Weapon


    The Godfather

    The Godfather part 2

    Grand Prix

    Dr. No (for the genre it started)

    North by Northwest

    So many close contenders after this.
    Wild Coyote, Jan 19, 2004
  4. Dr. Bukkake

    Mike Guest

    I'm not giving it much thought but here's a quick list in no particular order...

    A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)


    American Beauty

    Batman (1989)

    Pulp Fiction


    The Exorcist


    The Matrix (1999)

    Mike, Jan 21, 2004
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