Plusnet router loses connection and pages slow to open.

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Derek F, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. Derek F

    Derek F Guest

    I switched from SKY to Plusnet broadband in November and am using the
    router supplied by them.
    From the start the connection has frequently dropped and web pages when
    connecting can take up to a minute to open. On Thursday and Friday the
    connection had been dropping every few minutes so last night I plugged
    into the master socket with no improvement.
    When checking my connection speed it is around 10.51 mbps download and
    1.01 mbps upload a bit less than I had with SKY.
    Can anyone make any suggestions before I phone Plusnet on Monday.
    Derek F, Mar 7, 2015
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  2. Derek F

    David Guest

    Have you checked on Plusnet or BT websites to see what they estimate
    your speeds will be?
    David, Mar 7, 2015
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  3. Derek F

    Mark Guest

    Can you post all your router stats (SNRM, errors, attenuation etc)? We
    might be able to help you better then.
    Mark, Mar 7, 2015
  4. Derek F

    Derek F Guest

    Yes, but is that really the problem?
    Over the years I've used BT, o2, Sky and one I've forgotten without this
    Derek F, Mar 7, 2015
  5. Derek F

    Kraftee Guest

    If this has been happening "from the start" of the service why on earth have
    you left it this long before just contemplating contacting your SP?
    Kraftee, Mar 7, 2015
  6. Derek F

    David Guest

    Well if your getting the estimate or over they will do nothing.
    It's all down to the quality and length of the copper/aluminium cable.
    I can't have the superfast Infinity 2 as BT call the up to 76Mb due to
    line length, although they are prepared to let me sign up and pay for it.
    David, Mar 7, 2015
  7. Derek F

    Graham J Guest

    What make and model of router are you using?

    Does it have a web page that shows the connection status? If so, leave
    that web page open all the time so you can see if the connection
    actually drops, or whether the web pages are slow to load despite there
    being a good connection. If necessary use a spare (old) computer to
    monitor the router.

    Is the router configured for "Connect on demand"? If so change it to
    "Always connected".

    Do you have another different make and model of router you can try?
    Graham J, Mar 7, 2015
  8. Derek F

    Roger Mills Guest

    Better still, install the free Routerstats program and collect some evidence of
    noise margins and disconnects over a period of time - which are more
    useful than the odd snapshot. If you use the full program (not the Lite
    version) it also gives you bit-loading graphs which shows how good your
    line is in each of the frequency segments.

    A while ago I had frequent disconnects, and my noise margins and
    upstream synch speed were going up and down like a yo-yo. When I
    eventually managed to get an engineer visit, I used the evidence from
    Routerstats to demonstrate that there *was* a problem - even if it
    didn't always show up. The result was that my line was switched to a
    different pair between the local cabinet and the exchange - and all the
    problems went away.
    Please reply to Newsgroup. Whilst email address is valid, it is seldom
    Roger Mills, Mar 7, 2015
  9. Derek F

    Kraftee Guest

    It's not the speeds, it's the supposed ongoing drop out of the connection
    which should have reported, any time after the first 10 to 14 days
    Kraftee, Mar 7, 2015
  10. Derek F

    Graham J Guest

    Sadly, Routerstat doesn't work with all models of router - Vigor 2830
    for example.

    Can we collectively encourage the author to continue development, please
    Graham J, Mar 7, 2015
  11. Derek F

    Derek F Guest

    It has worsened over the past week.
    Derek F, Mar 7, 2015
  12. Derek F

    Derek F Guest

    I did not have a problem at this house in the past seven years apart
    from a couple of days last year with Sky.
    Derek F, Mar 7, 2015
  13. Derek F

    Derek F Guest

    I'll try that and come back on it. Strange but this evening things have
    been OK.
    Derek F, Mar 7, 2015
  14. Derek F

    Roger Mills Guest

    Let's hope he reads this NG!

    Assuming that the OP is using one of PlusNet's default
    Thomsom/Technicolor routers, RouterStats should work ok - albeit it
    takes a little time to understand how to use it.
    Please reply to Newsgroup. Whilst email address is valid, it is seldom
    Roger Mills, Mar 7, 2015
  15. Derek F

    Graham J Guest

    Why have you not done what we asked:

    "Can you post all your router stats (SNRM, errors, attenuation etc)?"
    Graham J, Mar 7, 2015
  16. Derek F

    Derek F Guest


    Link Information

    Uptime: 0 days, 3:20:08

    DSL Type: ITU-T G.992.5

    Bandwidth (Up/Down) [kbps/kbps]: 1,167 / 12,407

    Data Transferred (Sent/Received) [MB/MB]: 28.56 / 245.65

    Output Power (Up/Down) [dBm]: 12.7 / 0.0

    Line Attenuation (Up/Down) [dB]: 17.6 / 35.5

    SN Margin (Up/Down) [dB]: 6.1 / 6.0

    System Vendor ID (Local/Remote): TMMB / ----

    Chipset Vendor ID (Local/Remote): BDCM / IFTN

    Loss of Framing (Local/Remote): 0 / 0

    Loss of Signal (Local/Remote): 0 / 0

    Loss of Power (Local/Remote): 0 / 0

    Loss of Link (Remote): -

    Error Seconds (Local/Remote): 314 / 0

    FEC Errors (Up/Down): 0 / 0

    CRC Errors (Up/Down): 0 / 441

    HEC Errors (Up/Down): 0 / 1,136

    Technicolor TG852N as supplied by Plusnet.
    I have a Netgear DG834GT as well as the old Sky SR101
    Derek F, Mar 7, 2015
  17. Derek F

    Derek F Guest

    Should the router address be the same as my IP address?
    Derek F, Mar 7, 2015
  18. Derek F

    Derek F Guest

    You as an expert know what you want me to do... I have to figure it out.
    If I were as competent as you I would not be asking:)
    Have now done so .. I hope.
    Derek F, Mar 7, 2015
  19. Derek F

    David Guest

    Plusnet now issue to new customers Sagecom 2704N which surprisingly
    still needs a BT Modem.
    David, Mar 8, 2015
  20. Derek F

    Graham J Guest

    This is relevant - did something happen 3h20m before you captured this
    info? Such as an obvious power cut?
    This is relevant
    This is relevant
    This is relevant
    This is relevant. It's quite acceptable: it suggests that in the 3h20m
    since the line has been up there have been 314 seconds when errors occurred.
    The parameters I've commented about are the most useful.

    The "System Uptime" presumably means since power on. Many routers also
    show separately the duration of the current connection. Not sure quite
    what yours it telling us, but if you unplug the phone line for a minute,
    reconnect it and wait for the router to sync then the uptime parameter
    might show that it is counting the time since the last reconnection. If
    not, is there another parameter indicating this?

    The loop attenuation and SNR margin figures look very reasonable and are
    consistent with the speeds you report.

    Please keep an eye on them and note whether there are significant
    changes (i.e. for SNR margin, a change bigger than about +-3dB)

    Is there another screen that indicates the PPP connection is up? This
    will likely show the public IP address that has been allocated to your
    connection. If you paid Plusnet for a static IP, it should match what
    Plusnet told you - if it doesn't ring Plusnet immediately and ask why.
    Otherwise the IP address should be one from the range issued to Plusnet.
    If it isn't, note what it is and use a "Whois" website (e.g. to find out the owner of the address. Of
    course if it isn't a Plusnet address you are likely not to be able to
    open anything on the internet, though you may get an error page from BT.

    Now, whenever the connection appears to fail, look at the router
    statistics and note whether the line is in sync (the sync speed, SNR
    margin, and attenuation are sufficient), and whether you have a PPP address.

    If the line is not in sync, on the phone dial 17070 and choose the
    "Quiet line test" - is there any noise? If so report it to your voice
    service provider (not necessarily Plusnet). Don't mention broadband -
    it will only confues them.
    Graham J, Mar 8, 2015
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