Please send me your opinion about my project as placed on

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by inforelation4, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. Hallo,

    I have advertised on some project connetcted with the
    subject of our discussion list (you will find that project by choosing
    appropriate category and subcategory).
    Please let me know about your opinion relating to my project. As I have
    already written in my advertisement on InfoRelation - it will be possible
    to earn some money on this project.

    Thanks for all,
    Sandra Smith
    inforelation4, Nov 30, 2004
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  2. inforelation4

    ZONED! Guest

    ZONED!, Nov 30, 2004
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  3. inforelation4

    Harvey Guest

    Harvey, Nov 30, 2004
  4. inforelation4

    RSD99 Guest

    Off-Topic SPAM

    RSD99, Nov 30, 2004
  5. inforelation4

    ZONED! Guest

    I was up quite late last night... sitting here eating a bowl of
    oatmeal fro breakfast when I clicked on the link. Not a good time to
    do such! LOL!
    In another NG I saw this reply

    (warning adult language and humor? with audio)
    ZONED!, Nov 30, 2004
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