PLEASE READ - life service request - Does remote port forwarding exist?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by kossboss, Oct 27, 2012.

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    Oct 27, 2012
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    Its hard to google for it ---

    I couldnt find it.

    All I want is port forwarding done in a way but without accessing my router.

    Imagine a server on my LAN and to access it remotely via ssh i need to forward port 22 to it.

    Now pretend I cannot access the firewall.

    How on earth would I access it - I know I can use remote viewer software like Teamviewer or make a vpn. But i dont want that.

    All im asking is does anyone know of a service that does this
    My lan server makes an outbound connection(since outbounds are almost always allowed everywhere) to some server. Then I access that server via port 22 or whatever and then my server can converse with me remotely and thru that magical service im looking for. So i get the ssh shell from far but I dont have.

    I dont want this service to be just for one port. User editability would be awesome. I want it open and versatile.

    Some companies have this setup. For example netgear tech support when you set up your Readynas into Tech support mode if its on new firmware it will make an out bound connection to their shells server and then a tech can access that shells server on a randomly generated port and that connection gets routed via that opened solicited session back to the Readynas.

    I just think it would be awesome if there was such a service. IF not someone please make i.t

    You will make bank in the IT world.

    No longer will a person have to factory default their landlords router so that the credentials get set to default just so that person can set up some inbound rules.

    Any help or advice on some programs in the cloud would help out alout
    kossboss, Oct 27, 2012
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